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THURSDAY, APRIL 30th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Leftovers by Iikka is posted with a 95 rating.

Today's Quote

"The doctors X-rayed my head and found nothing."
-- Dizzy Dean explaining how he felt after being hit on the head by a ball in the 1934 World Series.

WEDESDAY, APRIL 29th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

I've added a link to Leveler's Lair, which features Spq, Spq2, and Duke 3D level reviews. Give it a look!

3D Game News

Next-Generation has a nice article about Aureal's audio answer to Voodoo2. If you're a fan of, or interested in A3D sound tech, I recommend giving it a look

Today's Quote

"I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body."
-- Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward

TUESDAY, APRIL 28th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Heroic Bloodshed a 3 level Unit by Marty is posted with a 94 rating.

3D Game News

Saw at BluesNews that CompUSA is claiming Unreal will ship on May 21st, I hope it's true...

Not 3D, but theres a very cool interview with Douglas Adams posted at PCGamer.

Today's Quote

He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.
--Leonardo da Vinci

MONDAY, APRIL 27th, 1998

Happy Anzac Day Holiday! (Australia, New Zealand)

SPQ2 Reviews

InfoKill by Jack is posted with a 105 rating.

The map below is a 1 level beta preview of an up-coming multi-level Unit...
Waste Pumping Station by Jack is posted with a 85 rating.

3D Game News

If you have a Voodoo card, check out the screensaver featured in the Out of the Blue section over at BluesNews. It is very cool!

Star Wars Quake has posted a screenshot of their new TIE Fighter model. Lookin' good!

Not 3D related, but if you're a Star Wars fan, check out The Official Star Wars Website for lots of great news, photos, and interviews. The new film is only 1 year away!

Today's Quote

A sign posted In a Pennsylvania cemetery:
--"Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own graves."

SUNDAY, APRIL 26th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Insane Idiits by Jesper is posted with a 50 rating.

Station Zebo a 4 level Unit by Travis is posted with a 67 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

Today's Quote

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."
-- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign.

SATURDAY, APRIL 25th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Yooshin Yang Day begins :)

Mutated! by YooShin is posted with a 86 rating. (old level, not posted on the 10 newest page)

Fatal Opportunity by YooShin is posted with a 94 rating. (old level, not posted on the 10 newest page)

Death is Not Worth Trying by YooShin is posted with a 91 rating. (old level, not posted on the 10 newest page)

Hideout by YooShin is posted with an 85 rating. (old level, not posted on the 10 newest page)

Today's Quote

"It depends on your definition of asleep. They were not stretched out. They had their eyes closed. They were seated at their desks with their heads in a nodding position."
-- John Hogan, Commonwealth Edison Supervisor of News Information, responding to a charge by a Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspector that two Dresden Nuclear Plant operators were sleeping on the job.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 1998

Happy Arbor Day -- kiss a tree (watch out for splinters)

SPQ2 Reviews

(special note: Yesterday the .zip file for Blood-red Sunset by YooShin included the wrong E-mail address, this problem has been corrected, both at the source ( and here at 3D Gamer's Edge. -Tron-)

Tomorrow will be official 'YooShin Yang' day, as I'll post reviews of 4 of his past levels.

Angron Installation a 2 level pak by Jonas is posted with a 73 rating.

Armageddon by George is posted with a 65 rating.

Recon-Alpha by Kneel is posted with a 79 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

3D Game News

There's an interview with the Nihilistic team over at PCGamer

GameSpot UK has announced that Final Fantasy VII will be released this June.

Today's Quote

"I hate the Earth... it's just a big round ball of dirt, ain't it?"
--Norm MacDonald to Jay Leno on Earth Day, 1998.

THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1998

Happy St. George's Day!!

SPQ2 Reviews

At least one more new level by the end of the day... -Tron-

Outpost a 1 level Unit preview by Lari is posted with a 79 rating.

3D Game News

Buzz around the Net is that Forsaken will be in stores within the week.


A very Happy Birthday to Ian 'SnAzBaZ' Packer, who is celebrating by installing a 3D accelerator in his box. Not a bad way to kick things off!

Today's Quote

Sign at a Santa Fe, New Mexico gas station:
"We will sell gasoline to anyone in a glass container."


Feedback Request

O.K. I've been working hard on this site for alomost 2 months now, sinking over 100 hours into it. I can tell by the hit counter that you people are visiting my site :) I'd really like some feedback. Tell me what you like or hate, new things you'd like to see, or things you'd like to see me get rid of. I feel like I'm doing a decent job, but I need to know what YOU think. Help me out, so I can make this a better resource for you. So, what are you waiting for? Drop me a line! -Tron-

SPQ2 Reviews

Age of Panic a 6 level Unit by J.F.Gustafsson is posted with a 100 rating.

Blood-red Sunset by Yooshin is posted with an 84 rating.

Shroom by ApOkAliP3 and tEKNo is posted with a 65 rating. (old map, not posted on 10 newest page)

Levelance5 by Phillip T. Wheeler is posted with a 68 rating. (old map, not posted on 10 newest page)

I have posted a link to Fugue an Spq2 review site, on my links page.

I have posted a link to The levelzone an Spq2 review site, on my links page.

3D Game News

A preview of Thief: The Dark Project, an interesting twist on the First-Person-Shooter genre, has been posted at

Today's Quote

"The future will be a better tomorrow."
-- Dan Quayle

TUESDAY, APRIL 21st, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Screenshots are now being posted with new level reviews :)

Dawg Fight & Blood Thirsty by Bryan is posted with a 95 rating.

Abort. Retry. Ignore. Fail. by Tomaz is posted with an 84 rating.

Kraze of Zahara by Russell is posted with a 70 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

Escape by Benjamin is posted with a 65 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

There are now a whopping 60 Spq2 reviews posted here for your enjoyment! I'm averaging 1 1/2 levels per day, since my first review on March 12th. Zoinks!

3D Game News

LucasArts upcoming 3D adventure game Grim Fandango is previewed at

Both PCGamer, and GameSpot UK, have posted previews of Heretic 2


A big thanks to everyone who vists my site, as I have reached the coveted 1000 hit mark. Word is that Blue at BluesNews is quite jealous, and mounting a campaign to overtake me.

Credit Where it's Due

A big thanks to crash at crash's Spq2 for his help and guidance. Here's a guy who's been around for years, and gets more hits per day than I get all week, and he takes the time to help out a newbie to the scene. Bully to you crash, May the Force be with you!

New Addition

I have added a new page, describing the things which I look for and think about when playing Spq2 levels. The link to this page can be found on the main Spq2 Review page.

MONDAY, APRIL 20th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Abort. Retry. Ignore. Fail. by Tomaz is posted with an 84 rating.

Hadley's Hope by John is posted with a 95 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

New Addition

I have added a new page, describing the things which I look for and think about when playing Spq2 levels. The link to this page can be found on the main Spq2 Review page.

Tron Talk

Hi everybody. Sorry about the lack of updates this weekend. I was RL busy, and I've had to do a lot of thinking about the format of my Spq2 reviews. It seems most other Spq2 review pages use a much more 'professional' and systematic approach to producing review scores, and I've received more than one letter about this. So, later today you can expect a good sized update, a few new Spq2 reviews, and a 'disclaimer/philosophy' type of page added to my Spq2 section. Until then... -Tron-

FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Coming soon, yet another multi-level pak. Hopefully Touchdown, Saturation Point, and Tab4 will keep you busy until I get it posted!

Saturation Point a 3-level pak by Jim is posted and rates a 100.

THURSDAY, APRIL 16th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

I've still got one last review to do, it's by a new map maker... stay tuned!!

Remember - we had Touchdown and Tab4 first!

Touchdown by EraserX is posted with a 106 rating! (this is it folks, the one I've been hinting at!)

Tab4: Strogg Pump Station is posted with a 94 rating.

The Man's Base by Jon is posted with an 87 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

Payback by Matt is posted with a 91 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

3D Game News

Next Generation has posted an updated version of their 3D accelerator FAQ, a must read for anyone who wants to buy, or just wants to know.

OK, so it's not 3D, but... GameSpot UK has posted the first Star Craft review that I'm aware of.

Tron Talk

Things will be slow this morning here at 3D Gamer's Edge as I am checking out a business for potential employment. Don't worry though, before the end of the day I should have at least one new level posted, and if it's anywhere near as good as the author's last offering... well, then we're all in for a treat! -Tron-


Search Alert

If anyone knows the e-mail address of Spq2 author Brett Wilcock, please inform me. I'm trying to get one of his levels posted, but need to talk to him first. -Tron-

SPQ2 Reviews

It's 'Martim' day...

Final Absulation by the Martim Team is posted with a 90 rating.

Missile Base 'A32' by the Martim Team is posted with a 93 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

Raw Sewage by the Martim Team is posted with a 92 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

Prisoners of War by Costas is posted with a 65 rating. (old level, not posted on 10 newest page)

3D Game News

The Half-Life beta release has been announced as 'sometime in May'. No word on the beta selection process.

I read in the local paper that Intel CPU prices are dropping dramatically. If you're in the market for a new Pentium (like me!) you might want to wait until these prices are in place.

The author of one of my highest rated Spq2 maps is releasing a new level tomorrow... stay posted.

Canopus, king of the Voodoo hill, will be releasing their Voodoo2 card sometime next month.

PCGamer has a preview of Descent: Freespace at their site, as well as the Outwars demo.

New Look

I've added the name of the .zip file, and it's size in Kilobytes for each level on my Spq2 reviews. Thanks go to KingMarv for the suggestion.

Veritable Verbosity

Well, today I posted my 50th Spq2 review. All this in only 1 month. Stay tuned... -Tron-

Well, thanks to BluesNews, my site had over 100 hits yesterday. My previous high was a mere 27, so I'm quite excited. I'd like to thank everyone who visited, those who sent e-mail, those who made use of my Spq2 reviews (my big project), and most of all to those who liked the site, and will continue to use it as a Spq2 resource. I'd like nothing more than to provide a complete archive of Spq2 information, helping both the authors and the players to find each other and keep the Spq2 world spinning 'round. -Tron-

TUESDAY, APRIL 14th, 1998


A super-huge-mega thanks to Blue at BluesNews for posting this site. If you found your way here from Blue's... keep coming back as I update very frequently, and thanks for the patronage!! -Tron-

3D Game News

Want to learn all about Quake3? Check out the Unofficial Quake3 FAQ and whet your appetite for id's work in progress.

SPQ2 Reviews

Commando by Garry is posted and rates an 89.

Structural Mechanics by David is posted with a 75 rating.

Vostok Rising by Ed is posted and rates an 89. (old level... not posted in the 10 newest table...)

Water Works by Doug is posted with a 95 rating. (old level... not posted in the 10 newest table...)

Veritable Verbosity

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates/reviews the last two days. But... There was the family gathering on Easter Sunday, 3D News in general was scarce this weekend, and I am unexpectedly 'inbetween jobs' and searching for new employment. Add it all up and you get... poor updates! I'll make up for it in the next few days though, with a few new Spq2 level postings and all the wonderful goodness you've come to expect from this site :) -Tron-

MONDAY, APRIL 13th, 1998

Man of the Hour

A huge congratulations goes out to Ian 'SnAzBaZ' Packer for getting his Spq2 levels featured in the UK version of PCGamer magazine! Check out his homepage here.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12th, 1998

A Happy Easter Sunday to everyone!!

SPQ2 Reviews

Still one more brand-new level coming soon...

Operation: Info-Gatherer by Ian '[SnAzBaZ]' Packer is up and rates an 87

SATURDAY, APRIL 11th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Stay tuned for another brand new level to be posted later tonite...

Deja Boo I and II by Dakila are posted and rated a 95

What The End Is For by Carson is posted and rated a 102... need I say more :)

Both Grunt Work and Sewage Plant have working links now, and are once more available to download. Sorry about the downtime -Tron-

3D Game News

Word on has is that Unreal will indeed ship with a full verion of the level editor.

The fine fellows at Star Wars Quake have posted a handfull of demos that will help illustrate the advanced AI features that their TC will incorporate. If you've never heard of this project before, I strongly suggest you check out their page. This looks to be an incredible Q2 TC, and it will be 100% free!

New Look

Some detail work was done to the Spq2 and Jedi Knight review sections in the wee hours this morning. I appologize to anyone who may have been attempting to access the reviews at that time, as there were some problems for a while. All is up and running smoothly again, and should be just a bit easier to navigate now. As always please report any broken links, or other site related problems to me. Thanks -Tron-

FRIDAY, APRIL 10th, 1998

SPQ2 Reviews

Terran Torture by Homer has been posted with a 92 rating. Note - this map will not be listed in the 10 newest levels page, as it is an older map, that I finally got around to reviewing. I've still got about 15 older maps to do!

Pyro Maps 1,2, and 3 by Dean have been posted, and rated a 50

I noticed several dead links for downloads that I had drawing off of SnAzSpq2. These have all been re-routed to, and are now working fine. I have only 2 download problems currently - Grunt Work, and Sewage Plant. Neither level will currently download properly, and I am unable to find a reliable source as of yet. If anyone can direct me to sources for either level, please Contact Me. Thanks -Tron-.


SPQ2 New Look

I gave my Single Player Quake2 Level Reviews page a massive overhaul last night. I hope the new format is easier to use. I have provided a variety of ways for you to access the levels. Feel free to send feedback about the new format.

I have only slept 2 hours in the past 42 hours while performing this upgrade to my Webpage. Talk about devotion. Or would that fall under the 'stark raving mad' category? Either way, I've learned a whole lot of HTML and Photshop 4.0, and made a few friends as well. Not a bad deal :)

SPQ2 Reviews

Crater's Edge by Alex is posted and rates a 93.

3D Game News

GameSpot UK has posted an enormous preview of Final Fantasy VII, detaling the games characters, gameplay, and technical information. This game may be the one that gets me back into RPG gaming for the first time since my Commodore 64 days.

Here's an excerpt from John Carmack's .plan talking about Quake3

Things are progressing reasonably well on the Quake 3 engine.Not being limited to supporting a 320*240 256 color screen is very, very nice, and will make everyone's lives a lot easier. All of our new source artwork is being done in 24 bit TGA files, but the engine will continue to load .wal files and .pcx files for developer's convenience. Each pcx can have its own palette now though, because it is just converted to 24 bit at load time. Q3 is going to have a fixed virtual screen coordinate system, independant of resolution. I tried that back in the original glquake, but the fixed coordinate system was only 320*200, which was excessively low. Q2 went with a dynamic layout at different resolutions, which was a pain, and won't scale to the high resolutions that very fast cards will be capable of running at next year. All screen drawing is now done assuming the screen is 640*480, and everything is just scaled as you go higher or lower. This makes laying out status bars and HUDs a ton easier, and will let us do a lot cooler looking screens. There will be an interface to let game dlls draw whatever they want on the screen, precisely where they want it. You can suck up a lot of network bandwidth doing that though, so some care will be needed.


New Look

In case you hadn't noticed :) there's a brand new look/format here at 3D Gamer's Edge. It is a work in progress, so please bear with me as the changes slowly take place. Within a week or two I should be finished, and I'll finally have that professional looking Webpage I've always dreamed about -sigh- :-)

SPQ2 Reviews

---3 brand new releases for you Spq2 fans!!---

Exterior Infiltration by Marty is posted with a 10.5 rating
Annihilator by SnAzBaZ is posted with an 8.5 rating.
Ballistic by Fred is posted with a 7 rating.

3D Game News

GameSpot UK will be posting the Demo of Microsoft's third-person action game Outwars this Saturday the 11th.

LucasArts has posted a preview, along with several screenshots, of their up-coming real-time strategy game Force Commander, this hardware-only 3D title will look to de-throne Command and Conquer as the real-time strategy king... early word is that it will be something special!

TUESDAY, APRIL 7th, 1998

3D Game News

Remember the classic game Asteriods? Well, believe it or not (Jack Palance voice over not yet available), Activision is doing a remake. No details or screenshots are yet available.

Remember another classic called Gauntlet where up to 4 players could run around in a maze, fighting evil minions, casting spells, using potions and the like? Well, the 3D remake is in the works. GameSpot UK has some screenshots, and a demo. They called the demo Hexplore, not Gauntlet... I'm not sure why.

SPQ2 Reviews

Medieval by Costas P. is posted and rated a 50

Owen's Operation Elimination is posted with a 75 rating.

The Boat in God's Fly by Jeff is posted and gets a 89

3D Game News

The latest word from Sierra is that Half-Life will be released early-summer, most likely to be near E3 (May 27-29).

MONDAY, APRIL 6th, 1998

New Look

A big thanks to SnAzBaZ who gave me a logo for my index page. SnAz has also just released a new Spq2 level, which will be posted here later this evening.

SPQ2 Reviews

A review for Tab3: Radioactive is posted and rated a 90

A review for Destructive Powers by SnAzBaZ is posted and rated an 85

SUNDAY, APRIL 5th, 1998

3D Game News

Well, I played through all of the training missions on Psygnosis' G-Police which came bundled with my Creative Labs Voodoo2. This game features incredible graphics! The gameplay takes some getting used to, but once you have mastered the controls (no strafeing!!) it's a blast! My only confusion is this... I've heard that G-Police is a 2 CD game, yet Creative says that the full version is bundled with the Voodoo2, and it only takes up one CD. Can anyone give me any further info about this? If so Mail Me.


Happy daylight savings day! Set those clocks ahead one hour, and prepare to feel slightly disoriented for a few days!

SPQ2 Reviews

Yep, there's 2 more Spq2 levels posted and reviewed. There's a 10, and an 8. First Strike, and Old Storage Area. Hmmm, 6 levels in 1 1/2 days... I must be enjoying my new Voodoo2!!

A review for Tab 1:The Rebirth (8) has been posted.



That's right, I've finally done it. I broke down and bought myself Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo2. This, and a training class over at my RL job caused me to miss my update yesterday... sorry! But here's the report for those interested: My system is a P166mmx, 64 MEG RAM, Hercules Stingray 128/3D, and now an 8 MEG Creative Voodoo2. Initially the Quake2 timedemo ran on my system at a mere 15 Frames Per Second (FPS). Now I'm getting 29.6 FPS. So, let it be known that you don't need a P2 300mhz to take advantage of the Voodoo2. I will say that although I can now play Quake2 at 800x600, instead of 640x480, the gameplay isn't really much better. Soon I'll be upgrading to a P233, or maybe a P266, in which case I'll add to this update.

2 new Spq2 levels for you! It's Jeff Turner's Starseed 3. Wow, this guy's been busy. I gave him an 8, so head on over to the Reviews and check it out. Also there is First Offensive, an 11, and the best Quake2 I've played since Parkman!

And another 2 Spq2 levels reviewed. These rated a 10, and an 8. GO GO GO GO GET 'EM!


Two new Spq2 levels up for your enjoyment, GruntWork and Energy, rated 7 and 4.5

Have you ever seen Evil Dead, Evil Dead2, or Army of Darkness? Do you like Bruce Campbell, who portrays Ash? If you do, then click the banner and sign up to get Bruce as the lead role in the up-coming Duke Nuke'Em film! I cannot imagine a better man for the job... good luck Bruce!


A new Spq2 map is up... The Relay Station. I gave 'er a 10, so go get it!

I have posted a review of the first Spq2 multi-level unit available as a free download! It's Taskmaster's Bad Seed, and I rated it a 9.5, go get this 2 MEG monster!

Pipe Dream, an Spq2 level is up for your perusal. This makes my 18th Spq2 review!!

I'm happy to announce that my Quake2 TC named Psychoticon will be posted on my site for download before midnight tonite. It features all new textures, skins, 3 new monsters, 2 new weapons, and 19 levels in 5 units! I hope you'll love it as much as I do! It will be a (yikes!) 100 MEG download, sorry, but it's free and worth it!