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TUESDAY, MARCH 31st, 1998

Looks like I may have a job working over at The Unreal Archive. So, depending on how that works out, I may stop updating this page, unless there's a huge downpour of mail asking for more fun stuff here at 3D Gamer's Edge.

Want to see a killer comaprison of Creative's Vs. Diamond's Voodoo2 cards? Check out This Site. It rates the 2 cards in a series of tests as well as showing how they stacked up against older Voodoo cards.

A new Spq2 level is up. It rated an 8, go get it!

And another Spq2 level up, it's also an 8 - by SnAz, who also reviews Spq2 levels. Find a link to his site on my Links page.

MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 1998

There's a big smashing preview of Unreal over at GameSpot UK. It's really worth the read, and hints that the game should be out before June!!!

The weather is too darn nice to stay on my computer all day, so it's off for a lovely trip to the park for TRON, where hopefully a good old game of Deadly Discs will be enjoyed by all. Tune in later when TRON will bring you a Spq2 level review or two.

SUNDAY, MARCH 29th, 1998

Red Penitentiary is my latest Spq2 review. I gave it an 8, and you can read all about it, and download it as well, over on my reviews page, enjoy!

There's a nice page devoted to Half-Life up over at TeleFragged, it has the latest news, game features, a ton of .avi files, and plenty more to keep you salivating over this much anticipated game.

There's a very in depth preview of SiN over at Gamers-Zone. A first-person shooter with a high quality, interactive story-line... I'll have to see it to believe it, but I hope it works!

I've downloaded approximately 30! new Spq2 levels recently. I'm sure some will be throw-aways, but it'll be enough to keep me (and you) busy for quite a while. I'll make it my priority to review new levels first, and use the older ones when I'm out of new stuff, since the newest levels have been the best. So, keep posted, and the levels will be rolling on in. There are currently 13 levels posted HERE!

SATURDAY, MARCH 28th, 1998

I have a new Quake2 level review up for you all, it's Starseed 2, the sequel to Jeff's Starseed.

FRIDAY, MARCH 27th, 1998

Hello! I've got 2 beers down the hatch, and 1 new Quake2 level reviewed for you, go enjoy it!

THURSDAY, MARCH 26th, 1998

OK, got 1 Quake2 review up. Now it's time to watch Northern Exposure and Babylon 5. See you later.

Sorry, not much new yet today. Cleveland just had it's first day of the year at above 70 degrees, so I naturally had to hit the park trails for a bit of Mountain Biking! It felt damn good to get some RL(tm) exercise, and the 11.5 miles I did were quite tough with those big ol' wind gusts tearin' at me! Yeeeehaaa! I'll try and post at least one (hopefully more) new Quake2 level review(s) tonight. Keep checkin' back!!

I thought I'd mention once again that I've added a temporary page to this site which features an incredible bit of artwork, inspired by the upcoming first person shooter, Half-Life. I strongly recommend giving it a look, and even heading over to Dahbih's homepage to view his other works. Check out this picture!

Here it is in the wee hours of the mornin' and I already be bringin' ya a new Spq2 level to enjoy... get away kiddies! Always after me Luck Charms! wow, I must be getting tired :)

There are now 10 Quake2 and 4 Jedi Knight levels reviewed and ready for download here at 3D Gamer's Edge The reviews page is growing fast! Go give it a look


LucasArts has posted the level 5 secrets for Mysteries of the Sith. Oh, and Rebellion should be in stores this week, although I was in Best Buy and CompUSA today and neither one had it yet. Speaking of CompUSA, they gave me another reason to hate their store today. I asked the guy behind the counter why the Creative Lab's Voodoo2 card with 12 MEG was $100 more than the card with only 8 MEG. 4 MEG isn't worth $100 is it? Well, the guy tells me that the 12 MEG card is SLI compatible, but the 8 MEG card isn't! What a load of B.S.!! These guys must just say whatever they think will win you over, whether it's true or not. I've been handed so much bull from CompUSA that I don't even know why I talk to them anymore.

Alright, James Parkmans' new map is up for download, along with my review, and the new look for my Spq2 level reviews. Go get this one... it's his best yet!

A new look is up at my Single Player Quake2 Level Reviews page. I hope you like it, as it was meant to make things a bit easier now that my archive is growing so rapidly. Along these lines, you may be interested to know that I'm just beginning to look into designing my own Quake2 level, it's a lot of work... but who knows what the future may hold?

Tune in later tonite as I'll be posting a new Spq2 review. It's Mr. Parkman's latest offering, and it looks very good so far.

TUESDAY, MARCH 24th, 1998

BluesNews has announced that Steve Tietze formerly of Rogue Software (where he designed levels for the Quake1 mission pack Dissolution of Eternity) has left Rogue to work at Nhilistic Software as a lead level designer. It looks like this new company is going to be making some quality software!

More new Quake2 reviews and downloads! I told you there'd be plenty a comin'.

Baseball fans can download a demo of Triple Play '99, it features 3Dfx support (not required), and the demo version gives you a Home Run Derby to compete in. Click here to download it.

MONDAY, MARCH 23rd, 1998

A new Jedi Knight level, and my second Quake2 level are up and ready for your examination and downloading pleasure. Well... what are you waiting for... GO! Get 'em! Hurry! Scat! Ummmm... sorry about the outburst... too much restless energy from Rolling Rock and cereal I guess... :)

Whether you've read any of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time saga or not, you should be interested in the development of a new game based on his best-selling books. The game will be set in the world in which the books take place, yet will include a brand new story which is being personally reviewed and approved by Mr. Jordan himself. Wheel of Time will use the Unreal engine, yet it is not an all-out first-person shooter by any means. There will be magic use, different modes of travel, and an immersive story-line throughout the game. See an extented review of the game at this site, or go directly to the the Wheel of Time hompepage. Here's a few screenshots.

Congratulations to my visitor from Gent, Belgium you're my first repeat visitor who isn't a close friend or family member! Thanks for the support, keep coming back... and E-mail me your comments :)

Thanks to Wheel of Toture for correcting my pour spelling.

The first of my new Quake2 level reviews is up... more to follow soon, so keep coming back for more!

New, improved, ultra-wonder cat Fritz keeps getting better and better. I'm very thankful, as he was very near death only 3 days ago... Congradulations Fritz, and may you be back to normal soon.

Here's a temporary page I'm adding to the site, which features an incredible bit of artwork, inspired by the upcoming first person shooter, Half-Life. I strongly recommend giving it a look, and even heading over to artist's homepage to view his other works. Check out this picture!

SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd, 1998

Here's an interesting bit of news that should make all you hard-core 3Dfx junkies salivate... take a look at this...

This is a Single Card SLI Voodoo2 Board! SLI, which is Scan Line Interleave, refers to having 2 cards (in 2 PCI slots) running together for 2x the 3D processing power. But, lo and behold, Quantum's Obsidian is planning to deliver all the power of SLI in one card, using 1 PCI slot. This 16 MEG monster should be able to handle any gaming demands!

Hmmm... This is odd, but good! If you have purchased Jedi Knight, or X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, LucasArts is offering a $15 rebate at this page. So, if you can actually find your receipt, go print out the rebate... and cash in!

A whole boat-load of new Quake2 levels, (and a Jedi Knight level or two as well) have been downloaded onto my hard-drive over the last few days, so you can expect to see many new reviews, and downloads, appearing on my reviews page starting Monday!

EraserX is working on a new single player Quake2 level. This is very good news indeed... I hope he's up to HeatSeeking's high standards! And of course, it will be reviewed right here, and available for download, as soon as I get my paws on it.

If you're interested in Justin Chin's new company, Infinite Machine, he has posted a web-page already. Go give it a look-see here ... gotta love that spinning gear .GIF!

SATURDAY, MARCH 21st, 1998

Justin Chin, who left LucasArts some weeks ago after finishing work on Jedi Knight has formed his own company, Infinite Machine. Chin, who is extensively interviewed at PCGamer states that he will join forces with up to 16 others to develope a new first-person shooter, which he claims will be unlike anything we've seen.
As to whether the new team will license a 3D engine or develop one from scratch Chin said only that that was "in discussion." "But whatever we do, it's not going to look like anything out there," he said. "There's too many tunnel shooter type things." "It's really something that's hard to describe," he said. "There's nothing out there right now that's like it. Our goal is that we're pushing to do the best game of '99 or 2000."

FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1998

Howdy everyone! Good news today as Fritz (cat of yore) is home and recovering. He's quite grumpy, and not very energetic, but I wouldn't be either if I had a six-inch line of staples going up my abdomen :) Hopefully he'll be back to knocking things over and causing general mayhem in no time.

Brand new Quake2 and Jedi Knight level reviews were posted late last night, so go and download yourselves a couple of freebies!

If you'd like to help shape a new Quake 2 TC then head over to Star Wars Quake and get on their Bulletin Board. There's a good discussion currently going on about how to implement the use of the Lightsaber in the game.

If your interested in getting a Free Game head over to this site where you can download an entire game with, or without, 3Dfx acceleration. This game was originally released in stores for $50, but had so many bugs it caused huge controversy. Now, the author is providing a fixed full-version for Free!

THURSDAY, MARCH 19th, 1998

Good morning everyone! Wow, it almost seems like summer-time here in Cleveland, Ohio... it's 4am, almost 50 degrees Farenheit, and I can hear birds chirping away outside. Soon... soon it will be warm again :)

Fritz, the world-famous cat of legend, is hospitalized today. He's been my room-mate for 4 years now, and he's never been late with his share of the rent. The doctors don't know what's wrong yet, but he's not looking too well. Please send along your prayers and well-wishes, and hopefully he'll be back to driving me crazy soon.

I've been busy this morning and here's what's new for you at 3D Gamer's Edge...

BlueNews has announced that Orchid will be releasing two new 3D cards based on 3Dfx's Voodoo2 chipset. There will be a 8 MEG and a 12 MEG card availabe. The 12 MEG card will run at $299. So, it appears that the Righteous 3D II cards will soon be available to frenzied gamers everywhere.

Also, I got my second BlueNews mention for clearing up a bit of confusion on the above 3D card software bundle. Ambush on Altyr 5 is not a new Jedi Knight add-on, but is in fact the name of the demo version of Mysteries of the Sith.

And, for my third BlueNews tie-in of the day, Blue has news that GameSpot has 2 features on 3D level design. One features information on popular level editors, the other features advice by the likes of John Romero, and American McGee. If ye be an aspiring level designer, sally forth and read your fill!

Hot on the heels of my first Jedi Knight level review, comes my second offering! This one is a bit better than the first, and fun to play. Go get it, and may the Force be with you!!

Want to Quake? I've posted a new Spq2 review and download on my Spq2 Reviews page. It's a good one, so go get it!

Finally I've posted my first Single Player Jedi Knight review. I've got a tutorial on installing levels, as well as a level reviewed and available for download! Go see it Here!. There will be more of these posted in the near future, so keep coming back!

Some big news over at They are reporting the Ingar Shu has left Lucasarts to join Ray Gresko over at newly-formed Nihlistic Software. Ray was a Lead Programmer over at LucasArts, and Shu was lead level designer, and they worked on Jedi Knight, and Shadows of the Empire together.


Star Wars!!! That's right, Star Wars, Star Wars, and Star Wars! The guy's over at LucasArts have been very busy, and are now prepared to present you with... secrets!, That's right, surf on over to LucasArts and grab the Mysteries of the Sith secrets for level 4.

Want to win a free Voodoo2 card? The crazy guys at Emu-Land are giving away a Creative Labs 12 MEG Voodoo2 Graphics Card. Cruise on over to this site to enter!

Star Trek fans... get happy! GameSpot has a preview of Klingon Honor Guard up for your perusal. This first-person shooter features the Unreal engine.

Sorry about the delay in getting up a Jedi Knight review... life has been busy lately, but I should be back on track later this evening.

TUESDAY, MARCH 17th, 1998

The theme for today is FREE! That's right, how would you like to win a free copy of the Jedi Knight add-on pack, Mysteries of the Sith? It's easy and fun to do! Just go here! and enter the give-a-way.

Hello and welcome to Monday! Looking for a Freebie?? If you haven't tried Quake2 yet, and would like to, id is providing the world with a free updated demo. The demo includes a single-player game, as well as deathmatch capabilities. Interested? Well then click away and Download this 40 meg monster!

I'll be posting a short and sweet tutorial on getting, installing, and playing, free Quake2 add-on levels. Saunter on over to my Single Player Quake2 Level Reviews page and have a look!

I'll be doing a Jedi Knight level review sometime today, along with a download link, so keep checking back!

MONDAY, MARCH 16th, 1998

Today's poem is "The Purple Cow", by Gelett Burgess.

I never saw a purple cow;
I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one.
I've posted another Spq2 level review. This page is beginning to take on a life of it's own now, and it seems that I'm just going along for the ride! Go check it out, and give me some feedback! Also: I will begin providing more and more levels for download here at 3D Gamer's Edge, hope you enjoy them!

Here's the big Quake2 news flash of the day: Quake3 is in the works! That's right... Trinity is now on hold as John Carmack has taken a new direction. Trinity was supposed to be the next engine/game from Mr. Carmack, incorporating huge graphical improvements, new sound features (A3D?!?), and hordes of other features to make gameplay more interactive and realistic. Trinity was supposed to be available near Q1 1999, meanwhile the rest of id was working on a Quake2 mission pack. That pack has become Quake3, which will feature huge graphical improvements, and maybe some sound additions, but none of the other features. This means a new id game will be in our hands much sooner than expected, but not be all that we had hoped. Read the whole .plan here.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13th, 1998

Hello everyone, and happy Friday the 13th!! Stay sharp today, because there's a full-moon out there as well. OK, I know the full-moon was officially yesterday, but it does last three days... so beware!!

Those who go gaga for Star Wars will be overcome with mirth when you learn that LucasArts has posted secrets for the third level of Mysteries of the Sith. And there was much rejoicing. (yaayyy)

There's a Star Trek: First Contact preview posted over at GameSpot, so Trekkers rejoice, and go have a look! This game uses the Unreal engine, and looks to be rather innovative. New features include the ability to command fellow offices to perform tasks such as guard, cover rear, and attack, and a very tactical mission-based style of gameplay.

There's a great-big-huge review of Reckoning over at PCGamer. The report says that the mission pack will include 15 levels in three units, and upgraded enemies. Grunts will now have better weapons, including lasers, and a modified hyper-blaster. One new beastie, a Gekk, will be equally adept in, and out of, water. And as a first for Quake, there will be a repair-bot that will ressurect dead Strogg, but can also reveal secret areas to the player, so it is in your best interest to avoid killing them! Just make sure the dead are well-pulped, and cannot be brought back by the bots! The game will take place on Stroogos, near where the original game occurs. Head over to PCGamer and read all about it, and view the great screen-shots too. Just look at that sky!

OK, here it is, I got permission, and this is a first for 3D Gamer's Edge! Download your own copy of HeatSeeking right now, and have a fragging good go at it!

Are you a budding Quake2 level designer? Wish you had a great resource available to you? Well, click yourself on over to Ingenuity, where you'll find a wealth of information to help get you going, or help bring you up to the next level. This is the page of EraserX, who created the HeatSeeking level, and anyone who quote's Einstien on a Quake2 resource page deserves a link and a good word! (See my Review)

Later today I will be making EraserX's HeatSeeking level available for download right here at 3D Gamer's Edge, so keep your eye's peeled!!

THURSDAY, MARCH 12th, 1998

There's a preview of the Quake2 mission pack The Reckoning over at NextGeneration. They report more organic environments, new weapons and enemies, and the use of bots in a sequence where fellow soldiers help you take on a horde of enemies!! Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it!

NextGeneration also reports that Mysteries of the Sith, the add-on pack for Jedi Knight has topped last weeks sales charts, de-throning Riven.

I put up another Spq2 (that's Single Player Quake2, for those of you who've never seen this term before:) level Review. I also added some new design features to my page, to make it look oh so pretty for my hordes of daily readers :p. The level was a great one, and if you don't have it, go get it!

Here's a fun site to check out: Card Trick. See if you can figure out how it works!! It took me five times through it to figure it out. Enjoy.

Those who flip for Star Wars will be overcome with waves of pleasure when you learn that LucasArts has posted secrets for the second level of Mysteries of the Sith. You may now begin rejoicing.


My first review is up and ready to read. Mosey on over to My Reviews Page and give 'er a gander y'all!

Attention Star Wars fans... LucasArts has posted hints for the secrets on level 1 of Mysteries of the Sith.

If it be Quake2 levels ye seek, click yer scurvy arse over to SnAz and scoop up the latest. He's posted a new one titled Heat Seeker that he gave a full 5 star rating to. I haven't played it yet, but I will soon, and give you my own insights. I have been working my way through his archive, and will be posting my thoughts on the levels I've played on my Reviews page, later today. If anyone expresses Interest I may begin hosting a featured Q2, and/or Jedi Knight single player level of the week. I'd post a short review and have the level available for download right here at my site. Send along your thoughts!

TUESDAY, MARCH 10th, 1998

NextGeneration has posted an update to their continuing saga of Unreal previews. All previous previews are archived in the update, as well as a horde of screen shots, and some movie files. The word is that the game should be out by April, and exceed the expectations of the skeptical. Sounds good...
While there, check out the Final Fantasy VII preview as well. The Playstation's best-game-ever is coming to the PC, and it looks like a fantastic conversion. I'll be keeping you posted on this one in the near future.

I'm pleased to see that Sprint has solved it's problems from earlier yesterday. I was without Internet access for most of the day, and had to resort to actual real-world tasks, like cleaning and taxes. Don't worry though... I'm feeling better now (and waiting for that Federal refund :)

The Star Wars Quake Team has a brand-spankin' new bulletin board up and running. If you'd like to post your thoughts, or send along a suggestion, Red Knight and crew would love to hear from you.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1998

I started putting key words and game titles in bold type today. Good, bad or ugly? Let me know E-Mail Me!.

Wow again. PCGamer has devoted an entire day of letters to game ads! I got another one posted, entitled "Good and Evil". I'm happy that many gamers look at these types of ads as an insult. I'm also unhappy that a few writers made it seem like my feelings were hurt by this (and other) ads. My feelings are not hurt. My good taste is offended. I wish to learn about the game in an ad, not have an advertiser try to shock or insult me. Go check out the latest views.

I'm considering opening a new section where I would give lessons on how to do some things in current games, like downloading and playing extra levels in Jedi Knight and Quake2 for free, or Deathmatching for free. If anyone is interested in this, or has some other suggestion/comment, please E-Mail me! and tell me what's on your mind.

NextGeneration is sporting a whole new look and interface, which surprised me at first, but I think I like it!

Star Wars fans rejoice! LucasArts has posted the release date for Rebellion, a real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. The date is March 23rd. While at their site, you may also want to scoop up the Mysteries of the Sith demo, if you don't have it, or the full game, by now!

Well, despite all the letter writing fun I've been having at PCGamer I was very excited about the Daikatana preview they have posted. Now that I finally have some game-based data to process, I'm looking forward to this one. Having gameplay take place in many differented time periods, each with their own unique look, as well as implementing and experience-based system in which the player may increase different characteristics and abilities based on points earned, are true advances for the first-person shooter genre. I recommend going there and reading the full rundown for yourself!

Also posted at PCGamer, Sierra reps. have annouced that Half-Life should be in stores by June 1st, not June 30th as one store announced.


Well, I guess I got the letter writers at PCGamer in a typing frenzy. There are 9 letters responing to my first letter about the Daikatana ad. I guess controversy has won the day, as well as generating a huge amount of awareness is the gaming public. Even now, after I've absorbed all of this, I still feel the same as I did in my first letter. The ad is immature. Thankfully, most of the respondees agreed with that sentiment. I will also make this statement: I'm not sure whether or not I'll buy this game. If it's a darn good game in it's own right, I may well buy it. This ad has just offended my good tastes a bit, and because of it, I'm not currently looking into the game with the same intensity as I am the likes of Half-Life, Unreal, SiN, or Prey. These games have chosen not to put out sad, attention hungry ads. They are making an appeal to my needs as a gamer. They give good solid stats on their product, not childish taunts meant to attract me with their 'shock' value. Anyone have any reponse to this?

I found a cool source of original Quake2 spq2 levels at SnAz. If you're looking for something to tide you over until Reckoning arrives... this is the place to visit!

The Star Wars Quake Team has been busy, rejoicing over the release of the 3.14 Quake2 source-code, and posting a few new screen shots - which look VERY promising!


WOW! Looks like I generated some noise over at PCGamer as 3 responses to my letter have been posted to date. 2 in favor of, and 1 against my stance. I must admit that the guy against me made a few good points, yet I only agree with him about 10%. I guess I'm not as hyped on violence as others out there.

I fixed the dead link to from my Feb. 28th update. Now my adoring readers may link happily and free of despair. ;) THANKS El Gringo

Red Knight and crew over at Star Wars Quake have been having a tough go at keeping up with all the new point releases for Quake2 lately, but have announced a release date of... well, you go check it out for yourself, crank up their hit-counter!!

TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1998

Yet another one of my 'Pearls of Wisdom ;)' has been published on PCGamer's website. This time up I'm ranting about the new ad for Daikatana. Anyone seen this thing? I just don't get it. Go over to the PCGamer Letter's section, scroll down to 'Other Stuff', and I'm the third letter down.

Those interested in signing up for the shareware version of UNREAL may do so at GTGames Unreal Page I've heard some very interesting things about this game, and have signed up for it myself.

3.14 is here!

Yes indeed, they've done it again! Yet another point-release from id. Over at BluesNews Blue has announced that a patch has just been posted over at id software so get ready to tie up those phone lines for a few more minutes and get the lastest offering from Mr. Carmack and crew. The upgrade from 3.13 to 3.14 is only about 500K, so it's not that bad :)

MONDAY, MARCH 2nd, 1998

Fan's of 3dfx's Voodoo Graphics chipset, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the much ballyhooed Voodoo 2 cards ( I'm guilty :), should be pleased to see that Next Generation has posted a review of Creative's 3D Blaster Voodoo2-based card. Also on this site you can find an extremely comprehensive guide to 3D accelerators.

NOTE: I got a credit over at BluesNews for the Voodoo2 review on his March 2 nd update... but remember folks, you saw it HERE first!! ;)


I got a piece of my 15 minutes of FAME over at on their Quake2 antics page... The legend of TRON begins!!


The 3.13 point-release patch for Quake2 has been posted at id software Here you can find the full patch (8.8 MEG) or get a 500K 3.12-3.13 upgrade if you already snagged the 3.12 patch.


I saw over at PCGamer that a new company, Human Soft, over in the U.K., is developing a new 3D engine. Unlike many other companies who are licensing the Quake and Unreal engines, theirs will not be polygon-based. Both the engine and the game are called SEED. They will use a type of pixel-ray-tracing that will allow them to create great shadow effects, and lighting techniques that surpass the likes of Quake2. Despite the new approach, architecture will be comparable to that of Quake2 and the rest of the up-n-coming flock of first-person games, like SiN, Unreal, Half-Life, and Prey.