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Screen Shot added: 04-10-2005
level: death is coming
death_is_coming.zip 303KB

author: emre (razorman) acar

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the good

the bad
  • not much to this map
the summary
in this map, you enter and are immediately surrounded by enemies, and you don't even have a weapon yet. it is possible to clear the first floor of the level, but i can't say the same for the upper level. i tried. i got up there, and was surrounded by the biggest and baddest enemies. i started to run, and the level ended. i don't know if i triggered the ending, or what. and i'm not going to go try again. it is just too tough to get through this map. it is a bit of fun to figure out a way to beat the first floor of this level, and it is very challenging, but that is all it offers. if you want to spend a few minutes trying and retrying to get through a very bland, small, and uninspired map that offers an excruciating challenge, then this is for you. otherwise, pass it by.