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Screen Shot added: 04-10-2005
level: doomed
dbz.zip 38.9MB

author: zizz

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the good

the bad the summary
what an unusual level. doomed features an extremely unique design and asthetic that is nothing like the maps in the retail game. it is by turns: creepy, decrepit, disturbing, unearthly, and grotesque. ambient audio is also disturbing and unsettling. one thing that this map manages to do, and do well, is have a personality and make you feel something. it is also very challenging. you spend your time moving from bizarre location to more-bizarre location fighting off waves of hell-spawn. the fighting is intense, and at times a lot of fun. the architecture is totally surreal and unearthly. it is difficult to describe this map accurately, for it is so chaotic and unusual as to nearly defy description.

although zizz has a huge amount of creativity, he needs to hone his skills. this map is very frustrating to play. there are many narrow winding passages, uneven staircases, tiny rooms, and a lot of time is spent fighting the architecture. by this i mean you get stuck on objects that jut from walls, or hit a step that is a shade too high to walk over - so you need to stop and jump. this is especially annoying when you are being attacked. and it is dark. very dark. too dark. there are huge unlit rooms where you are being attacked from all over, yet you are unable to locate your assailants in the darkness. zizz obviously put a lot of work into creating his unusual and interesting architecture, and i don't understand why he would hide it all in such darkness.

the level also suffers from very uneven flow. one minute you are under extreme attack and brutal challenge, then for a few minutes you wander unmolested. you get 5 +25 health packs within a few feet of each other, and then nothing for several areas. items are found in huge caches, which i do not prefer. also, i received a lot of ammo for weapons i never found. i am usually very good at navigating a map, uncovering all of its hidden areas. yet i must have missed a lot in this map, and it was too dark and too difficult to navigate for me to go back and replay it to see what i missed. and after all the time spent in this map, all the challenge you overcome, there is no ending. you kill the boss and that is it. you are left to roam the room for eternity, i suppose.

i would defintely like to see more from this author. there is a lot of creativity on display here. however, it is very raw and unrefined talent that is on display. hopefully zizz will work on honing his skills and take the time to learn how to craft a more playable and enjoyable level. he has a lot of skill, and i would like to see it develop. unfortunately there was no readme file with this map, so i am unable to contact him.

all told, download and play this one if the 40MB file size isn't a big deal to you, and if you don't mind going through a lot of effort to see the diamonds in the rough.