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Screen Shot added: 05-01-2005
level: enceladus
enceladus.zip 6.39MB

author: robert travis

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the good

the bad the summary

on starting this level, i had high hopes. it was obvious within seconds that robert knows how to construct a solid and realistic looking level. the architecture is both realistic and interesting, most textures are well chosen, ambient sounds are subtle and appropriate, and lighting is utilized nicely. as i began to explore the map, i was impressed by the complex and interesting layout of the level. everything looked really good, and i began to locate weapons and ammo, and i encountered a zombie or three. and i kept on going waiting for the action to heat up. for the level to come alive. but it never does. aside from a few encounters with solitary enemies, you never really get to fight it out with the minions of hell in enceladus. none teleport in to attack you, no monster closets pop open to scare and challenge you. no group attacks occur, resulting in tactical descision making and frantic action. in short: enceladus looks great, but offers far too little gameplay.

other complaints include: there is no plot or story at all in this map, there are a few instances where texture transitions are awkward and textures are choices are questionable. if robert would take the time to come up a with plot, create more atmosphere, and fill this level with more weapons, ammo, health, and enemies to fight - well, then we might have something really enjoyable to experience. as it stands, this level is a fun diversion for a few minutes if you'd like to admire some nice aesthetics and pick off a few zombies and a total of three of the more powerful enemies. otherwise there just isn't enough to do in this level to justify spending your time on it.