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Screen Shot added: 07-18-2005
level: entrance to hell v1.1
sp_entrance_to_hell_v11.zip 7.51MB

author: raheel shahid
email author: raheelshahid (nospam) AT hotmaildotcom

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the good

the bad the summary

INSTALLATION NOTE: version 1.1 of this campaign is missing a file. i solved this problem by downloading the original version (link above) then unzipping both versions. i took the file nightmare.proc in the MAPS folder of the original version and placed it in the MAPS folder of the new version. i then placed this unzipped folder into my DOOM3 folder and used the "MODS" function and then "map freaky_room" to load the game. if you only load and install version 1.1 the campaign will end after the fourth map (there are 9 total).

entrance to hell is a 9 map campaign, although i have played single maps that are almost as large, if not larger, than this whole campaign. this was obviously a learning process for raheel, as each map becomes more complex and more interesting as you play through. the first five maps feature one to four rooms where you do a bunch of demon battling and then click the exit button. the battles may seem difficult at first glance, but are actually very easy if you approach them correctly (grenades work wonders). the last four maps are basically boss-type levels. you will square off against multiple Sarge Tanks, Shamblers, Hell Knights, Guardians, Mancubi, and Spider Queens. fortunately you are given excessive amounts of ammo as well as Berserker and 200 health power-ups. imagine yourself in a huge octagonal room circle strafing around a dozen hell knights while more teleport in. you have a lot of health and ammo plus a respawning +200 health sphere. that is the type of challenge this campaign presents. blunt and in-your-face, with no real finesse to the battles. it does, however, make for some very good action sequences and an occasional challenge (the dual guardian fight was the toughest for me).

the architecture is fairly bland throughout the campaign, and the texture choices are very simple and boring. this does improve by the last couple of maps, but even then it is still very amateurish. the architecture is bland and blocky and the layout ranges from extremely simple to unintuitive. once again, improvements are noticable as you progress through the campaign, but even at the end this is still very basic level design. there is some detail work in evidence though. raheel doesn't just create a square room and leave it empty. there is evidence that he has quite an imagination but not the proper design skills to express it properly. the screenshot above shows what is probably the most professional looking design in the campaign. there is nothing bad or ugly about the design in these maps, but there is nothing great either. it is very simple.

this campaign is worth the download for the wild action and brutal challenges alone. but it is also worth taking a look at to see the potential that exists in raheel's design. i am interested in seeing how his next creation plays out.