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Screen Shot added: 07-17-2005
level: follow me
follow_me.zip 3.92MB

author: burak yazar
email author: burakyazar2003 AT (nospam) yahoo.com

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the good

the bad the summary

when i open up the read.me file in a user created level i always take a look at the build time. in the case of this level, it says "one week". i think that says a lot right there. it's almost like a mini review. "hey everyone, i only bothered to spend one week of my time on this map." i also look to see if any playtesters are listed. that tells me a lot as well. did the author of the level care enough about his creation to have it tested and refined before he published it? in this case no, no one is listed as a playtester. not isting them doesn't mean they do not exist, but in the case of a one week turn-around time, i'd venture to say that they likely were not employed in this instance.

first i want to tackle the few good aspects of this map. follow me seems like an ambitious project at first. it utilizes the id created intro explaining the origins and current state of the UAC. it then turns to a cut scene with newly recorded dialogue. this would lead the player to believe a lot of effort went into the presentation of this level. it is good to have ambition, and a grand vision for your work. but, you need to follow through with that. you need to actually spend *time* working on and honing your creation. it is obvious the intent was to spook the player with the creepy intro, then lead him through some fights and down into the underworld for a fantastic boss battle. it's a good idea. and the final room where you fight the boss is actually fairly well crafted for a box-shaped room. but, unfortunately good intentions do always turn into to good results.

now for the bad. first of all the dialogue in the opening cut scene is of extremely poor quality. secondly, it is pointless dialogue. "did you find your PDA?" "yes". "i have to go to the bathroom". um, okay. what was the point of that? then, although your buddy just died, his corpse is nowhere to be seen. the level itself is a hallway that leads to a bathroom with a ladder (?) that leads to another hallway that leads to the exit room. there is very little ammo and health and no armor. you get attacked a few times, and you pick off some spiders that cannot move to attack you. then you exit and teleport to the next map.

this map is an opening closet-sized room that leads to the boss arena. you scoop up the BFG a bunch of cells, and the launcher and several rockets. once in the arena three imps spawn and a BFG blast wipes them out and weakens the boss. the boss cannot attack you if you simply stand just past the opening into the arena. so, you stand there and blast him until he dies. end of game.

i finished this off in somewhere around five minutes (that includes waiting for the slow paced cut scenes) despite the read.me claim that there is at least ten minutes of gameplay available. why? because first off: there is nothing to do. secondly: the map is not visually interesting so i didn't spend any time admiring my surroundings. and finally, there is no challenge whatsoever.

i hate to be so cruel in reviewing a map, but it is obvious that so little effort went into making this thing fun or even playable. how can i like a map that the designer(s) didn't care enough about to spend more than a week on? download as a lesson in "what not to do", otherwise - avoid.