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Screen Shot added: 07-14-2005
level: hell zone v1
hell_zone_v1.zip 18KB

author: OMEGA_Nemesis28

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the good

the bad
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the summary

why would anyone release this to the public? see the screenshot? that is the entire map. you shoot 2 pinkies and a couple of z-sec and it's over. unless you want to also shoot the black boxes on the ground that make zombie noises - yeah, you can kill them too. the map features just two different textures for all surfaces. the map is pointless. why am i even reviewing it? well, see, when i get myself in the mood to write reviews i get in the mindset that that is what i want to do. so when i decide to review a map like this i have no idea beforehand that it is only a 10 second map with one texture and one room. i only read the read.me file which says: "This map is filled with demons and zombies... FIGHT FOR YOU'RE LIFE!!!!" so i get ready to play some D3 and write up a review. and, when the map proves to be as disappointing as this one, well, i'm not going to keep it all to myself! noooo... i'm going to inflict on the rest of you as well. but hey, at least YOU get a warning.

so here you go: DO NOT PLAY THIS MAP!!!

you have been warned.