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Screen Shot added: 05-07-2005
level: mancubus
mancubus.zip 780KB

author: smart333

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the good

the bad the summary

for less than 1MB, this file packs in more than you would expect. the level is relatively small, but there is a lot going on in it, not the bare square rooms you see in many first efforts. smart333 lives up to his name, as the design of this map was obviously approached intelligently. the halls and rooms are busy and full of character, and the D3-approprite clutter and mayhem. the PDA is made use of, as are door codes and some of D3's niftier visual trickery. the plot if thin, as you must merely move through the linear map to find and defeat a mancubus, in order to gain access to the exit. the challenge and action elements are a bit sparse, and i wish more enemies and items had been utilized to make it come alive. however, while there isn't a lot of action, what smart333 does present to the player is well thought-out and makes for a well paced experience.

as for complaints, for some technical reason that i admittedly do not undertand, you must play this level by typing in "testmap" instead of the more standard "map" console command. what follows is a very lengthy load time, during which i can only assume that the map is actually being compiled. in the level itself there are a few texture problems which are common to amatuer efforts. there is also a door which keeps opening and closing for no reason, as well a door which requires an access code, that requires you to reenter the code should the door close before you pass through it.

all told, there is not a lot to this map and it can be finished off within a matter of minutes (not including load time!). however, what you are presented with is a fairly high quality experience that is well worth a few moments of your free time if you enjoy D3 single player maps.