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Screen Shot added: 04-10-2005
level: pure evil
pure_evil_single_player.zip 2.27MB

author: lavaman

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the good

the bad the summary
pure evil is an excellent diversion, DOOM3 style. it starts off fairly simple, but keeps getting better as it goes. the architecture improves until near the end where you get some really attractive symmetrical designs. unfortunately the scope is limited to mainly just hallways and smallish open rooms. i'd like to see what lavaman could do if he took on a more grand vision for this map. item placement is very good, as is enemy placement, leading to some frantic fighting that, once again, gets better as you go along. the challenge is high throughout, my health was frequently low, and i died more than once. ambient sounds are used well, and combined with the aesthetics it makes for a creepy, moody level. i was surprised (for such a small file size) to see the cool loading screen and mini-cinematic, as well as the more ambitious cinematic at the end.

this map has been out for a while, though the text file indicates it is a beta and a final version and more levels are on the way. i hope that is true, because with some polish (and promised PDA audio logs) and an ending that is less abrupt, this could be an level worthy of the 3D Gamer's Edge Gold award. highly recommended!