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Screen Shot added: 05-01-2005
level: redemption
redemption.zip 703KB

author: mnemic

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the good

the bad the summary

redemption puts you in the role of someone taking a virtual reality training mission. you make your way through a few rooms and halls, and take out the enemies that would stop you. everything about this level is pretty much solid, and not much exists to complain about, yet there is nothing to rave about either. the whole map can be played through in about five minutes. there is some challenge present, as a few of the areas required me to try a some different approaches before i could defeat them. my criticisms include: an area that can be seen but not accessed, computers that aren't interactrive (despite looking as if they should be), a really annoying invisible clip brush that keeps you from retreating at one point (why?), and "dump" style item placement. if you want a quick D3 fix that will offer a fair amount of challenge for such a small file, then you may want to give this a try. if it is a high quality experience you seek, there are better offerings available.