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Screen Shot added: 04-10-2005
level: roachys map
roachysmap.zip 250KB

author: bigroachy

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the good

the bad the summary
this is a small and simple map that good enough for what it is, but it just doesn't try to do very much. you walk through a series of small, squarish rooms filled with computer terminals and dead employees. ocassionally a demon will teleport in and you'll have to defeat them. after about five to ten minutes, it's over. while the map is fairly solid, and looks realistic enough it is just too sparse. one big omission is the lack of ambient sounds. the place just felt dead without any sort of noise. even a non-working door didn't respond with the buzzer you would hear in the retail game, informing you the door was out-of-order. i also found it odd that the z-sec were teleported into the map. i don't recall that ever happening in the retail game. i think the logic was that only the demons could teleport around, not the humans who became undead.

there are some signs of promise here: a nice "janitor in the closet" that turns into a bit of a trap, and some decent action towards the end. but overall the map needs more. more everything; more ambient sounds, more rooms, more angles and curves, more enemies to fight, more clutter, atmosphere, computer terminals, shelves, boxes - even more crates! it is a good start for bigroachy, lets see if he can make a more ambitious project next time out.