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Screen Shot added: 05-01-2005
level: site 2
site2.zip 748KB

author: zamideus

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the good

the bad the summary

site 2 is a map that i cannot help but feel was thrown together too quickly. while playing it i got the sense that the author has a lot of potential talent, but instead of taking the time to craft an outstanding map, this one was whipped up and finished off before it was truly done. the introduction is very cool, as you decend on a platform and enter the starting room to a few nice effects. the action begins quickly and the first fight is the most challenging in the level. you move through a few rooms that show a lot of promise in terms of style, architecture, and atmosphere. there are a few quick and painless fights on the way, and before you know it you enter the final room of the map - just as it was beginning to get interesting. the final fight i found to be impossible. you face off against a boss, and even with the soul cube i was unable to defeat it. i even used cheats and "give all" but still couldn't bring it down. my targeting cursor never turned red when i hit it, as it usually does when you are playing the game and damage an enemy. also in this final room is a small hideaway under the floor. the hideaway is possible to enter, but once you do, you cannot exit it again. that is just poor design. another thing that turned me off was the use of profanity in the read.me file.

all told, site 2 is another small doom 3 map that offers a bit of a challenge, and some decent action, but it is over far too soon. despite this, and the annoyances of the final fight, the map is worth a download just for the few bright spots that it offers. just don't expect too much from it.