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Screen Shot added: 05-07-2005
level: timecop II
timecop11.zip 16.9MB

author: qix

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the good

the bad the summary

what to say about this one? this is perhaps the strangest amateur add-on level for an FPS that i have ever played - and i have played a LOT. in the very first room it is unclear as to what you should do... wait? try to jump out? look for a button? then in the next room, the path ahead is just so far away from what almost anyone would expect, that i couldn't help but laugh when i figured it out. when you play this two map set, you have to shelve everything you think you know about what a level is supposed to play like, and then just relax and let this bizarre creation take you where it will.

there a few hours of play in these two maps. while playing them, my logical FPS-reviewer mind screamed at me that these maps are so unusual, so contradictive to what any professional style map should be, so gaudy, so illogical, so freaking weird that they simply can't be good - and yet they are good, in their own way, and they are even fun. part of the allure to me is that after playing so many maps i see the patterns, the formula, and i usually know what is coming before it does. while playing timecop, all that preconception was washed away and i was forced to take nothing for granted. but it isn't just unusual - timecop is also extremely creative. the texture use is so gaudy and over-the-top at times that it borders on being a freak show. and yet, it is visually interesting and i couldn't help but roam around and admire some of the unusual and creative builds after i had cleared an area. the bottom line with the visuals is: they are so unorthadox that i couldn't help but admire them. and while they are unprofessional in the sense that you would never see maps like this in a retail product - they aren't all just gaudy and bizarre. there is some truly high quality design in place in these maps.

the gameplay itself is a mixed bag. there are a lot of enemies to fight, and the challenge at times is fairly high. what kills it all is the ridiculously huge caches of ammo and health you keep stumbling across. and it is always high-powered stuff: rockets, cells, +25 health packs, plasma, and so on. when you leave as much stuff behind as i did in these maps you know that not a lot of thought went into what types of weapons would be needed, and when. another problem is that enemies are often clumped together much like the items. more creative placement would have added greatly to the fun in timecop. the worst cases involve enemies that get stuck on the architecture and simply cannot advance to get to you, so you can pick them off from afar with your 90+ rockets. a final gripe about the gameplay is that there is no end-game, no boss to fight to give these maps some closure. after all the time i spent in them, i expected that there would be some kind of definitive end.

to sum it all up, i suggest you take a look at the screenshots on this page. if they look interesting to you, and you don't mind playing a map that is genuinely weird - then i say go for it! you will have fun, you will be rewarded for your time spent, and you will definitely get to see the inner workings of the very creative mind that qix brings to this doom3 creation. but, if you insist on playing something that oozes with professionalism, that offers a very high quality of gameplay featuring realistic locations and well thought-out item and enemy placement - look elsewhere, because timecop does not deliver in that way. that said, i suggest that no matter what your tastes you give this a try.

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