updated september 24, 1999
please note that this FAQ relates to Quake2, not unreal, or DOOM3

how do i get this PAK file map to run?

ok, this is fairly simple. first thing to do is look in the text file that came with the download. it should tell you what to name the new folder. lets say for this example that the file says to name it "tron", so whenever you see me use the name "tron", you should replace it with the appropriate name from the text file. the first thing you do is create a new folder inside your "quake2" folder, and give it the name of "tron". next, place all of the files that came in the downloaded .zip file inside the new "tron" folder. now, in the text file it should also tell you the name of the starting map. remember it. lets say that for this example the first map is called "start". now, start up quake2. once it's ready to go, hit the "~" key (it's the key to the left of the "1" key). you are now in what is known as the "console". in the console, type in "game tron", without the quotes. hit [enter] and the game should begin loading several files. once it is finished, type "skill 1" and hit enter to play at normal skill level. to play at easy, use "skill 0", and for hard use "skill 2". you may also employ nightmare skill level by using "skill 3". next, type "map start" without the quotes, and hit [enter]. you should now be ready to play. the exception to these instructions is when the text file states that shortcuts are included with the .zip. in that case, simply look for the shortcuts (there is usually one for each skill level) and double-click on the one you want.

what is HOM?

it stands for 'Hall Of Mirrors'. it is an effect which usually occurs in doorways (areaportal HOM), and has a 'looking at a reflection of a reflection of a reflection..." appearance. can range from barely visible, up to horribly annoying.

how do I make my own maps?

the site i highly recommend is R U S T. it has both quake2 and unreal support. i review levels - I do not create them, therefore I am not able to give map making advice.

when will you review 'this or that' map? why haven't you updated in a while?

ok, realize that I run this site all by myself, and I do it for free. how do you think I feel when I get a letter asking me why I'm not working harder or faster? i run this site out of love for the FPS genre and community. please do not send me mail asking me to hurry up, or post a review - i work at my own pace in order to keep the site fun for me. if i'm forced to meet deadlines it becomes more like work.

i'm having a problem with a map...

i do not make the maps on my site. if you are having a problem with a specific map, then please attempt to contact the author first. i delete maps from my PC shortly after i review them, and unless i just finished playing it, chances are i will not remember the map in as much detail as needed to answer specific questions - or be able to jump in and have a look without downloading it again.

my question isn't covered in your faq

ok - well then send me (matt godlaski) a message and we'll discuss it.