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Screen Shot date added: 04-25-2005

level name: combine onslaught

email author: stiffyls

download map: combineonslaught.rar 1.07MB

3DGE rating: 70

the good

the bad
  • novelty wears off quickly
the summary

combine onslaught places you and your fellow rebel alliance mates in a house filled with crates of ammo. within seconds, a massive onslaught of combine soldiers take to the field surrounding the house and begin their assault. this small level is fairly clever and fun for a little while before the novelty of it wears off. as far as i can tell, there is no end to the onslaught. no amount of mayhem on my part was able to gain me victory. i suppose i should go back and godmode, or play on easy just to see if it ever ends. on normal skill, all of my team members would eventually die and my health and ammo would be running low when i was finally overwhelmed.

this is a fun little diversion, and well enough designed that the challenge is high, but not frustrating. give it a go if you want to fill ten or fifteen minutes of your day with a good fight against an unrelenting combine attack. however, if it is a storyline or high quality gameplay experience you seek, look elsewhere.