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Screen Shot date added: 04-25-2005

level name: engage the combine

level author: puppet that kills

download map: engage_the_combine.zip 3.25MB

3DGE rating: 50

the good

the bad
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the summary

engage the combine starts off promisingly enough, as you must take out a combine soldier and equip yourself with your suit and some weapons before heading out into the rest of the building. afterwards you square off against a series of combine soldiers who attack you from behind barricades abd shields in a series of similarly designed rooms. the soldiers never pursue you, making the skirmishes short and simple. eventually you find yourself in a square metal room with no exit that i was able to locate.

this map suffers from a wide variety of novice errors, some of which the author mentions in the readme file. while the author was able to craft the most basic of levels, a lot of work is needed before this would be worth the download and time spent playing it.