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Screen Shot date added: 04-25-2005

level name: quick war

level author: P.KOV

download map: quickwar.zip 175KB

3DGE rating: 50

the good

the bad the summary

the screenshot sums up this level. you start off in a square room where you grab your suit, then load up on weapons and ammo. once equiped you step out into the courtyard. it consists of several "bunker" walls to hide behind as you shoot the combine troops who face you from across a large pit. alyx, barney, and crew help you out. so long as you can aim your weapon and pull the trigger, it will be over within a few minutes.

while what little of the map that was designed is solid, looks okay, and is without any visual or design flaws, there simply isn't much here to experience. it is about what you'd expect from such a small file. the desginer has proven he can craft a tiny map that is without any sort of major flaw. however, when you set the bar so low, this isn't an achievement worth bragging about.