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Jedi Search brings you the first two parts of a projected three part Jedi Knight episode. Your mission is to rescue several imprisoned Jedi, battle the dark Jedi who is holding them hostage, and start the self-destruct sequence aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. The first part takes place in and around an Imperial compound. You will need a keen eye, and some creative problem solving in order to make your way to the goal, as the path ahead is often obscure and far from the obvious route. The outdoor areas are quite nicely crafted, and have a fairly natural look. The lay-out is well done, offering plenty of twists and turns, and a good sense of vertical space, as well as horizontal. Fighting is fierce throughout, and at first you will need to conserve your ammo a bit, but as the map progresses is becomes overabundant and ceases to be a concern. You make your way into the compound, which is constructed in a rather blocky fashion, but is well laid out and spacious to explore. The whole integration of the outdoor areas with the compound was extremely well done. Your path will take you in and out of various sections of the compound, and over a wide variety of outdoor terrain. I really enjoyed the exploration aspect of this map. Once you find the jail area, it's a simple matter of finding the proper door to free your imprisoned fellow Jedi, and then you are off to map 2. The second map takes place exclusively aboard the Star Destroyer. Once more the lay-out is quite well done. The ship is rather large, and filled with a wide variety of areas to explore. You can sense Ryans increased skills with JK authoring, as the architecture is somewhat improved over the first map, being less blocky and using more angles and slopes. Once more, the lay-out makes good use of vertical space and will keep you on the move and searching for the correct path to your goals. Action is non-stop, and a bit overkill at times. Ammo placement is more than generous, and you will not have to be conservative. The map progresses nicely up to the final conflict with the Dark Jedi, and the final goal completion. Complaints include: some mis-aligned brushes in the outdoor areas of map1. At the very start of Map1, it is possible to jump out of the windows, and become trapped without any way to escape. Architecture that tends to be quite blocky. Some repetetive texture use, and some textured areas that were overly 'busy' and not pleasant to the eye. The action was a bit overkill in many places, to the point were it nearly became annoying and detracted from the feel of the plot. Ammo is overly abundant. At times the on-screen text messages went by too quickly to read, and left me wondering what I had missed. In the jail segment of map1 there is a cell containing the bunny from Sam and Max, but he is heavily armed, bent on hunting you down, and apparently indestructable. I didn't really understand this use of the actor, and found it detract from gameplay. There needed to be some sort of cut-scene between the two maps to provide a sense of continuity which is missing. Overall, it is a large, well laid out two map set. There is plenty of exploration to be had, and the maps really are a lot of fun to play. A good effort by Ryan, and a recommended download.