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Updated april 10, 2005

read this first:

i have composed an SPQ2 FAQ list. please, before you send me spq2 email, read this list and see if it can answer your question.


feel free to send me E-mail regarding this site. feedback is always appreciated, as it can help shape this site, which is in a state of constant evolution. i welcome both compliments and constructive criticism, and always give credit where it is due.

map review policies:

if you are the author of DOOM3 or spq2 levels, feel free to email me about your new projects.

authors who wish to submit their levels to me should send me an email notice of the level, including a link to a download source. i will also consider offers to beta test your levels. if you plan to send me a map or file as a mail attachment, i require that you send me an e-mail announcing your intent. next, i ask that you wait for a confirmation mail from me. once you receive the confirmation, you may send me the map.


found a broken link? know of a link that should be here, but isn't? please let me know, and i'll try to remedy that situation as soon as time permits.

disagree with me?

my goal is to help level authors get their levels known and played by as many people as possible, as well as providing accurate, in-depth analysis of each map in order to aid those who wish to play them, and to help the author understand how to improve the quality of any future maps they may wish to build. if you disagree with my judgement for any reason, feel free to mail me, and i will consider all intelligent arguments.

well... What do you have to say? click the spinning e's to mail me.

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