Tron finds another victim (Marty Howe) for his interview series, enjoy the read!

Marty, is there anything you would like people to know about yourself?

Umm.. I believe in Peace and Unity between all men.

Your Q2 maps were very dark, crowded, and gritty in comparison to the Unreal map which is very open, slow paced, and even beautiful. Is this a result of differences in the games, the editors, or just your own personal preference?

I wanted to make use of the Unreal engine and the editor and do a sprawling map. I think fighting in small corridors for 30 minutes would be a waste of the engine.

I understand you deleted Q2 from your PC to make room for Unreal. After all of your Quake experience, was it hard decision to make, and how do you feel about it now?

It wasn't that hard. I want to move with the technology, things have just gone up a rung and I dont want to be left behind. Quake2 editing is so much fun it hurts, but compared to UnrealEd it is too limiting :(

If Burger King (or any universally recognizable restaurant you prefer) were to name a food for John Romero, what food would it be, and what would it be called?

Hahaha. Oh um..let me think..what about, the Dakataina Burger. It apparently will taste excellent, but it wont be ready for a few years.

Compare/contrast the beginnings of the Classic Quake level editing community to the birth of the Unreal level editing community.

Im not really sure, there arent really many single player maps available in comparison to the number of DM maps out there. Was this the same as Quake? I suppose everyone is skilled at designing now, and it is just a matter of changing editors and applying what you already know. There is only a small learning curve :)

What do you feel is the biggest opportunity available to the Unreal level author, that was not available to Quake(2) level authors, and what are your plans to exploit that opportunity?

Where do I start. I like UnrealEd more and more each day. Fast compiling, no leaving the computer on overnight and checking in the morning to see if VIS is finished yet. You can see the changes you make instantly, you can see the effects such as ambient sounds and flashing lights all in the editor. The engine handles large open areas beautifully and this is what I shall exploit.

What is the funniest thing about Unreal, UnrealED, or the Unreal community in general?

Unreal. Seeing monsters run when their health is low UnrealEd. The editor crashing everytime I minimise the window. Hilarious ;(

With the massive amount of new FPS games on the horizon, which are you currently most excited about?

Prey. Half-Life. Sin. Daikatana. Blood2.
*excited look*

What are your plans for future SP Unreal maps?

Finishing up a DM map. I will design some episodes and learn the editor more. Post free levels on the Internet and wait for somebody to hire me ;0

Give us some thoughts about the possibility of Unreal 2, and a 'wish list' of new features.

More powerful and bigger sounding weapons. The game is already stunning, im really excited about the upcoming level pack.

It's the Simpson's Homer vs. the Critic's Jay Sherman.... who would win? Why?

Whoah um.. I have never been a fan of the Television. TV is bad for you, isnt it?

What got you into PC games, and 3D gaming in particular?

Its an escape from reality. I only play the best titles, I dont buy everything that comes out. Theyre just great fun, and immersive.

You came in second in the Sp UDC contest. Any tips/tricks for map authors that you would like to share?

Um.. experiment and play with the editor until your head blows off. I have so much more to learn myself, there is so much in there.

Any personal web-page or anything that you would like to promote?

No webpage. I am ready to work hard and conquer the world with a company that wants to hire me ;0

What's your favourite insect?

Haha. ummmmm..I live in Australia so we have plenty of the annoying little blighters. I cant think of a favourite *lol*

Thanks for your time Marty, and good luck with future projects!