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Screen Shot
added 10-28-2005
level: WW3 244KB

author: guy (bucket/bkt) burkhart

download it here: download map file


the good

the bad
  • amateur effort
the summary
world war 3 is the first ever release by aspiring level designer guy burkhart. it is obvious that guy had a lot of ambition in mind when he created this map, but none of the skills to back it up. the computer updates tip you off to what guy had in mind, they are frequent, descriptive, and imply a much grander vision than this product represents. the level suffers from most of the same flaws featured in many beginner efforts: uninspired architecture, HOM, bland texture choices, poor layout, and poor item placement. however, the challenge is quite high, and the action is not terrible and that makes this map worth a look if you have nothing else to play and crave some new spq2 action.