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AUTHOR: Lari (CryptR) Muuriaisniemi

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Those of you who follow this site know that I love an Spq2 map that can challenge me. Arctic Base, however, goes overboard. I simply could not finish it on Skill 1, and had to play on Skill 0 - which still tried my patience. On Skill 2 it is ridiculous. Want to fight off 6 Guards, 3 Enforcers, and 4 Gunners, with your Blaster? Enjoy facing Guards and Gladiators with a Shotgun in tight quarters while a Gunner high above rains grenades down on you? How about facing off with 2 Tanks and 2 Guards while 2 Gunners rain grenades down on you, and reinforcements arrive? I don't. These are all scenarios which occur in this level. If that is your idea of fun, then download this map and set Skill 2. Otherwise, continue reading. The map has good points. There is a really well thought out story, and the map holds the theme to perfection. The layout is well done, giving a great feeling of movement and progress in a rather small map. But the difficulty and errors killed the map for me. The map opened differently each time I played. Out of ten plus attempts, it only once began as I believe it was supposed to - with the player on some sort of moving shuttle which crashes. The other nine times I never saw the shuttle, but started off amid several explosions and suffered anywhere from 1 to 11 points of damage. There are two instances of areaportal HOM which are very severe and can impede gameplay drastically. The end sequence of the map (which showed considerable potential) also left me puzzled. You set off a self-destruct countdown, and then must locate a switch to open some hangar doors to escape. I had problems with the doors, and when I finally performed all of the actions properly and gained access to the open hangar doors, I ran outside but the base did not explode when the countdown reached zero. I saw a shuttle, which I jumped up onto and was then promptly gibbed for no reason I could see. I was so frustrated at this point that I never attempted to see if the shuttle could be successfully boarded, but figured that it was the end of the map, so I quit. Bottom line: this map is hellishly difficult, contains several confusing sequences, and suffers from some very bad HOM at critical junctures. I did not enjoy it.