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AUTHOR: Marty Howe

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


Every time Marty releases a new map, he seems to have evolved his skills in one form or another - and this time is no exception. These two small maps could well serve as an introduction to a full-blown Unit (or several). You begin inside of a prison ship, which crashes near a Strogg base (Unreal influence here Marty? :), and you must escape the flooding vessle, and get out of the base. The first map which is the 'escape the ship' scenario is wonderful. Explosions erupt around you, the ship is falling apart and flooding with water. You can hear the sounds of Guards and other prisoners drowning nearby. And you need to get out before you are next to die. I really enjoyed this experience, despite how quickly it passes, it is oozing with atmosphere, and makes you feel the urgency of the situation, very immersive. Once you do escape, things get worse. You find yourself inside a Strogg base that is crawling with enemies. The action really heats up, and it's a very rough ride from start to finish. The architecture on display is wonderful. This base is rock solid, and really good looking. My favorite feature of the map was some sort of large mining device, or perhaps a large bomb? In either case it looked like nothing I've ever seen in a Quake2 map (see screenshot), very sleek, alien, and beautiful. This second map is only a bit larger than the first, but provides a lot of bang for your buck. Plenty of fun - in a cool looking map. My only complaints are about the size of these maps. Each is very tiny, and the second map ends very abruptly. This seems like an introduction to something larger and awesome, and it's a let down when it's over so fast. Bottom line: Marty has done it again, this is about as good as it gets for a 600K download. Hey Marty.... what happened to those huge Units you used to make? I'd love to see this map serve as an intruduction to something more ambitious.