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level: citizen abel 1,252K

author: brendon chung

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3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

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wow... brendon may well have only produced multiplayer maps until this release, but it doesn't show. he could teach a few lessons to many people who have produced multiple spq2 maps. citizen abel is one of those rare gems that somehow manages to combine action with a story and make it playable in both arenas. if it is only action you crave - you'll get your fill, but if it's story you need - you'll leave this adventure satisfied. citizen abel is comprised of five small maps, and while each embodies it's own distinctive feel and atmosphere, they still manage to work wonderfully together as a cohesive whole playing experience. the game opens up as you are dropped amid rotating search-lights into a watery entrance to a base you must infiltrate - on your way to gaining the elusive "red box". a dropped crate lies in the pool, giving you a shotgun, some ammo, and a much-needed rebreather to begin your mission. making your way through these maps you'll encounter speeding trains, armies of strogg, collapsing architecture, wind, water, explosions, and plentiful chaotic mayhem. what makes this map-pack so great is not just the fact that all of these elements are available to the player - but just how masterfully they are woven together into a fun-to-play game experience. you will really be drawn into the role of hit-man abel as he attempts to gain access to the "red box".

as for my complaints - they are few, yet noteworthy. early on in the game i entered a large chamber strewn with boxes, only to find myself immediately trapped behind the crates with no exit except for the 'no-clip' - which seriously disrupts gameplay in any map - let alone one as immersive and story-intensive as this. next, i came across a mysterious laser that was shooting right up out of the floor... thinking it might be a simple quake-engine related clipping problem, i restarted the map, only to have it happen again. finally, during the Essico Train level, i was unable to advance onto the front car of the train - which is necessary to complete the level. once more, i had to 'no-clip' my way ahead.

those aside - this is a must-play spq2 addition. part quake2, and part james bond film - this is a rare experience that should not be missed. thank you brendon! what are you waiting for, reader? download away!