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added 01-22-2000
level: Cheops Revenge 1,219K

author: phil (philfox) abbott

author's homepage: philfox's quake levels

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3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

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picking up right where cheops tomb left off (play it first!), philfox is back to serve up more spq2 adventuring in the land of ancient egypt. last time, you defeated the commander of the strogg forces, but now you need to find your way out of his earth installation, and battle the remaining enemy forces as they try and keep you away from their slipgate.

the stage is set early on in this new adventure - as within moments you'll know that you are in for a challenge for both your reflexes and your powers of observation. lets talk about this level's main feature first: the action. be prepared for numerous varieties of battle situations, all of which will challenge even the best player. you'll face overwhelming odds is tight quarters, restricting your movements and forcing you to think beyond the circle-strafing mindset most of us employ. however, restricted motion can get tedious after a while, so cheops revenge offers another type of challenge as well - the wide-open area packed full of advancing strogg. the best thing about the battles is the variety. you'll face foes on land, in the air, and at sea. battle while precariously balanced over boiling lava, in wide open arenas, on narrow walkways high in the air, in claustrophobic computer rooms, and in plenty of other environments. the strogg are everywhere, and often appear where least expected. ammo is plentiful, but the weapons are few and far between - and the health packs are hard to come by, and smaller than you might desire. prepare to be put to the test, and restart more than once. whatever your tastes for strogg-slamming, you are sure to find your delight among the 93 foes within this level.

to keep this map from becoming a mindless blast-fest, phil doesn't shy away from making the player think his way through the map. right off, you'll need to have a sharp eye to find your way into the strogg compound. once inside, a clever switch-puzzle will confront the player, and the solution is hinted at via a few well-placed clues that only the observant will reveal. beyond these are the secrets. the map features four of them, and only one is relatively easy to aquire. the other three are quite difficult, and one in particular is downright fiendish - and made all the more so by the audio clue that can drive you to madness trying to find a way in. these secrets are among the most clever you'll find in an spq2 map. and, with the challenge this level provides, you'd be well advised to do your best to hunt them down.

as for aesthetics, cheops revenge is more than adequate. textures lifted and modified from rogue's 'dissolution of eternity' mission-pack for quake1 add a great deal to the theme of the level, and make for some nice eye-candy. there are a few nice builds, like the ankh buttons, and a slipgate that has to be witnessed to be believed. there isn't a lot in here to make you stop and stare in awe, yet you'll not be disappointed either.

so, great challenge, great action, cool secrets and puzzles - what could be bad about this map? quite frankly, not much. in fact, my only real complaints would be wanting "more". for example, a full egyptian themed unit featuring new textures and sounds.

bottom line: high challenge in an immersively themeatic environment with a few well-crafted surprises make for a high-quality spq2 adventure. recommended for just about anyone - especially those who like to play something a bit different, or those who love a good challenge. thanks for this great level phil!