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Screen Shot
added 11-09-2005
level: WW3 9.57MB

author: jeffrey hayat

download it here: download map file


the good

the bad
  • noclip traps
  • illogical layout
  • instant death traps
  • bland architecture
  • poor item placement
  • boring texture choices
  • HOM
the summary
hallways and buttons. that is what i would have called this 5-level unit. way too many hallways and buttons. tiny little cramped hallways that might be expected in a map released in 1998 when the average player didn't have the processing power to render larger areas. but not in a map released in 2001. and even in 1998 this wouldn't have been much of a treat to play.

these maps are loaded with so many poor design choices that i couldn't possibly name them all. but hey, if you enjoy getting stuck on architecture, fighting gladiators in tiny hallways, postage-stamp sized elevators that go up through postage-stamp sized holes (better be lined up *just so*, or you get whacked and have to try again), rooms designed to deliver tons of damage while you are mostly helpless, boring repetitive texture use, buttons everywhere, getting lost and wondering just where it is you are supposed to go next, smart-ass comments in the computer updates, and always, always, always running down hallways - well, then these levels are just for you.

on the positive side, there is a lot of challenge to be found here. not necessarily good or fun challenge, but challenge nevertheless. and there is also plenty of action that is fun at times. and there are tons and tons of strogg to gun down. that is about it. no much else good to report.

if you'd like a big helping of spq2 action and you aren't too particular about the quality of it, then this is for you. heck, you may even enjoy this unit. but i didn't. by the middle of the second map i was ready for it to end.