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added 04-25-2005
level: got milk? 3.04MB

author: guy "deadmeat" babin

download it here: download map file


the good

the bad
  • not much to do
  • no challenge
  • boring gameplay
the summary
"got milk?" isn't really my kind of map. it is more a showcase of the author's ability to faithfully duplicate an existing house than an actual spq2 gameplay experience. the house itself is pretty cool, featuring a lot of nice builds like computers, washers, tv's, beds, and many of the things you would expect to find in an average home. the little details are pretty amazing at times, such as the video game boxes. it is fun to wander around for a few minutes and admire the effort put into creating this bsp, but there isn't a whole lot more to do than that. the story in the file provides a very entertaining and amusing background sceanrio explaining why you are going to this house in the first place. however, there are less than 30 strogg to fight, and it is pretty easy to pick them off without getting hurt too bad in the process. so, if you would like to check out a really cool effort that accurately reproduces a house down to some pretty amazing details, then download away and have a look. however, if it is an spq2 action-oriented experience you crave, look elsewhere.