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level: the guardian 440K

author: eric a. wetzel

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3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

the good

the bad the summary
wow, what a pleasant surprise this little level was. maybe it's just a prejudice of mine, but for some reason i never have high expectations for spq2 zips under 500K in size. which is why i love it when an author like eric comes along and throws a curveball like the guardian at me.

just reading the text file will alert you to the fact that effort was poured into this level. do yourself a favor and read the whole story and the level will play much more interestingly. this map provides maximum entertainment in a compact arena that winds around itself in a clever and fun-to-play fashion. i loved the way i had to pay close attention to detail and think my way through to the goals, instead of just blasting my way ahead. strogg, ammo, weapons, and health are all placed so perfectly that i always seemed about ready to run out of everything - yet i never quite did. it is just that type of balance that keeps a player alert, and sharply in focus on the map being played. the quailty of play is high, and constant throughout the map - until the very end. unfortunately, upon reaching the main goal of the level a bit too much ammo is heaped on the player and makes for a fairly simple (though fun and entertaining) final battle.

the bottom line is that this map provides very high quality spq2 gameplay - though a limited amount of it. highly recommended for just about any player.