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AUTHOR: YooShin Yang

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


YooShin is back, for one last time. Yes, he has been hired by RMD software, yet has graced us all with his sixth and final creation. This time around, it's a bit of a throwback to Classic Quake, as your goal is as simple as eliminating the evil which has infested your Shrine. The focus is on the action, and the level delivers. Strogg placement is top-notch, and health and ammo are sparse. There are plenty of great Enforcer and Gunner skirmishes (my favorite!), at least one startling attack, and the end fight had a nice unexpected surprise that put a smile on my face. It's rough and tumble all the way through without a pause, and non-stop fun. Plenty of attention is paid to Strogg placement and the health and ammo are sparse enough that I was constantly hoping for more. The challenge on Skill 2 was nearly perfect for my tastes. As for the Shrine, it's great looking and oozes atmosphere. With the great environment maps, colored lighting, new sounds, and lava effects, the map is a pleasure to admire. There are several openings in the floor which allow the glow of the lava to shine through, which is a really neat effect when the Strogg stand atop them and gain a sinister red hue. Texture use is just great, a cool mix of brickwork and natural rocky surfaces that blend nicely. Architecture is simple, yet highly effective and utilizes many curves (another personal favorite), just take a look at the ceiling and the staircase in the screenshots. Minor complaints include: the brick staircase seems like it would need more support, and at times it's pretty easy to induce Strogg in-fighting. Yes, I know these are extremely nit-picky gripes, but I had to find something! All in all, this is far and away my favorite YooShin map and comes highly recommended. Two items of note: first, be sure to find the cool signature secret area in the map, and second, please send YooShin some feedback thanking him for this map. It's his last one, and he spent a lot of time creating the six Spq2 maps we have all enjoyed. Thank you, and good luck at RMD YooShin! It's been fun.