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AUTHOR: Dean Scott

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Five months after releasing Pyro Maps 1-3, Dean is back with a new product. This map is a vast improvement over the previous three. The author definitely knows how to build a good looking map with creative layout. The level doesn't have a real 'theme', that is, it doesn't resemble any functional location such as a factory, base, warehouse, or other. It is a collection of hallways and rooms, with some hints of personality in a func_train box conveyor and a clever crane construct, yet lacks it's own sense of identity. Colored lighting is deftly applied creating a moody atmosphere, and the layout is fantastic. A massive level of complex intertwined halls and passages, which winds all around itself in such a manner as to seem much larger than it really is. The monotony is broken up via several nicely constructed arenas. If the author had concentrated a bit more on the 'warehouse' theme that is only touched upon in this map it could have resulted in a much more immersive experience and a greater sense of place. There are some very nice creative touches with triggered events. More than once you'll be surprised with Strogg jumping out where least expected. There is also a beautifully crafted crane holding a Strogg computer terminal, that provides for a nice game experience (keep your eyes open!). My biggest complaint about the map is wasted potential. Strogg are placed rather far apart from one another, making for limited challenge. The potential in the arena areas is completely wasted. There are several large rooms with plenty of potential to contain excellent battles with many Strogg, yet even the largest of rooms is sparsely populated. There is no lack of ammo for the SuperShotgun which is provided immmediately upon entry to the level - and health is overabundant. There are a few nice skirmishes where the action heats up a bit, but they are spaced far enough apart, and there is ammo and health plenty enough, that the map never becomes challenging. Overall, it's a massive improvement over the previous Pyro maps, but still lacks in some key areas. More attention to theme, some goals, higher challenge, and better battle arrangements and this could have been an exceptional experience.