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level: rampant rockfall 1,038K

author: phil abbott

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the good

the bad the summary
what you get in rampant rockfall is a quick fix of q2 that is simple and fun. the level can be completed in a matter of less than 1/2 hour - unless you play the hard setting which is somewhat nasty. the map opens up a bit oddly as you start off in some sort of sewer with no text file story to aid you in setting the scene. with the flip of a switch you plunge into the murky depths and emerge on the grounds of a small strogg compound. this courtyard scene is rough-and-tumble, and will cause a restart or two for all but the best (and luckiest) players. inside the compound, there is more of the same by way of strogg blasting action. pretty simple fare, as you either blast the occasional foe in the hallways, or face a battalion in the courtyards. i found that on skill2, the turret enforcers were a bit too fast for my tastes, so i played the map on skill1. there are a few nice touches by way of some cool doors with either nicely presented pneumatic opening sequences, or dramatic, pounding, blast doors which open with a flourish. on the down side, some flyers dropped a super shotgun and shells on me (which is illogical), there were rock formations that acted as elevators (strange), and a secret which is pointed right out to the player with an on-screen text message (no challenge). overall, it's short and sweet and quite fun, yet it's a bit repetative (especially the hallway/courtyard/hallway/courtyard progression) and lacking in imagination. worth the quick download if you need a fix of q2 fun.