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AUTHOR: Yuri (DYV) Davidov

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Space Odysseys is a 5 level Unit in which you are the pilot of a ship transporting magic crystals (anything like Folgers crystals?) from captured Strogg bases to Earth. The Unit opens with a cute intro map which is a nice touch, yet features no gameplay. The game appropriately begins with The Beginning. This map features some great action and a very high level of challenge. You begin in the cockpit of a spaceship, and teleport down to the base when the Strogg attack. The architecture tends toward the simple side, but the layout is rather interesting and features some neat teleporting from area to area. At times the colored lighting is a bit overdone, and 'forces' you to notice it. I really enjoyed the variety in locales and the feeling of progression through the map. The action is exceptional, and based on fun alone the level is among the best out there. Once you reach the end, you enter the teleporter and find yourself in the Strogg Battle Cruiser. The action does not let up here, and this level will challenge you as well as providing great fun. The weapon, ammo, and health distributions, coupled with the Strogg placement, combine to provide an action element which is simply exceptional. Notable is the use of Gladiators, which is superb. The architecture tends to be a bit blocky and the layout is a bit repetative, with nearly the exact same docking bay used three times. There is a fun little sequence in which you take command of an interesting aspect of the Strogg vessel. You reach the end of the map - enter a Strogg shuttle, and fly off to a Strogg Asteroid. The means by which you enter this map is extremely enjoyable. A fun crash landing followed by a frantic escape make for a memorable experience. You make your way to a Strogg base where you will encounter yet another extremely fun and challenging battle with several well placed Strogg. After clearing the battlefield of the enemy you'll gain entrance to a Strogg temple of sorts, titled Strogg Leaders in Rock. This map is once more packed with action, and features one area (with the lava and moving platform) which became slightly frustrating on Skill 2. This map is a a great play, offering enough challenge for even the most battle hardened Spq2 fanatic. I enjoyed the teleporter use, and completeing the two goals to reveal the Makron. Though the architecture throughout this Unit is a bit bland and unprofessional, the look of the arena in which you face the Makron is among the coolest in any Q2 map. Once you defeat him, the map ends with a fun little pseudo-cinematic which hints at a possible sequel to the Unit. Complaints include: many instances of slightly misaligned textures, no real goals other than 'kill all', poor F1 use, architecture which tends toward the blocky side, and a great big ugly.... the unforgivable instant death trap. The trap is unmarked, and provides no hope of escape - causing a certain restart. Big deduction of points for this. Bottom line: if you want plenty of action, killer battle sequences, and a killer challenge, then this map is a must, but be prepared for some disappointments.