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AUTHOR: Mark Pytel

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SuperNova. Could have been a super-level, with some proper playtesting, and a few bug fixes. I have to start by saying that this is the first ever released 3D map by this author. Yet, the architecture and use of colored lighting is stunning. The majority of these two maps are on par with the visual qualities of Bario and YooShin Yang maps. Really beautiful to admire. The lay-out also compliments the architecture quite nicely, and gives a real sense of place. The action is furious, and the challenge on Skill 2 is simply far too hard. If anyone out there can beat this thing on Skill 2, I'll be amazed. Now for the problems. Map1 has an opening area with an undefined atmosphere boundry, which can lead to an unexpected death. Most switches, buttons, and triggers are not labled, and no on-screen messages will guide or inform the player. Near the end of the map there is a Chaingun, which once you you grab it, opens up a trap door in the floor. You will plummet to your death, with no chance of escape. I tried it 3 times, but never managed to aviod death. Both maps have the serious problem of far to little ammo for the Strogg you face, too little health, and, some fights are so incredibly hellish, that I was forced to save the game every 5 minutes, and there were a few areas where I had to play through them over 15 times before I could beat them. This is a bit too tough, and very frustrating. Map2 had the most serious problems. There are missing textures, force fields which do not drop (I needed to noclip past them), and one of the most poorly planned fights I've ever faced. You must actually defeat both manifestations of the Makron, with no cover, no power-ups, and limited firepower in a sealed off small square room. If he fires the BFG, you will take heavy damage. In my opinion, it is an unbeatable scenario. This second map was so difficult, I did not even finish it. I couldn't find a way to complete the objective, and couldn't beat the Strogg anyway. I gave a score of 65 based almost entirely on the architecture and lay-out. If you want to admire some beautiful work, and don't mind the fact that you will probably not be able to finish, then go ahead and download these maps, otherwise pass them by.