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Screen Shot
added 10-28-2005
level: Target Alpha 1.39MB

author: guy (bucket/bkt) burkhart

download it here: download map file


the good

the bad
  • too easy
  • incomplete
the summary
guy's second spq2 effort, target alpha, was unfortunately never finished. envisioned as a full unit, it never went beyond this first unfinished map. as i his previous effort, it is once again evident that guy had a real vision for this level. with new graphics, beefed-up strogg, a story in the readme file, and plans for a full unit in mind - this could have been something to get excited about had it ever been completed. taken on its own merits (and guy does call this a mere demo version of the map in the readme) it is a solid and fun level which has a lot of potential but feels incomplete. the improvement over WW3 is remarkable. gone are the cramped halls and uninspired architecture. in this level we see signs of real talent forming. the level sprawls out over a fairly large area, architecture becomes more artistic, colored lighting is used effectively, sparks and ruins create atmosphere. what the level really needs is a lot more strogg, placed a bit more deviously, with less health lying around. as it stands it is a bit too easy, as 'hard' skill seems more like 'medium'.

it wouldn't be fair to criticize a beta map too much, so i will refrain. especially since this will never be finished, and thus my comments wouldn't be used to help this level take shape. suffice it to say that there is potential to witness here, and the map is fun and can provide you with a solid 10-15 minutes of diversion that is far from unenjoyable. i have a feeling that guy will produce some quality maps in his future ;)