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added 05-06-2005
level: the movement of heaven 4.3MB

author: chris (sven) druckenmiller

download it here: download map file


3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

the good

the bad the summary
this is an excellent map pack for spq2. the first thing you'll notice, if you read the story in the file, is that there is a well thought-out plot that you are going to play out. ed singleback (read the text, it's worth it) even greets you as you begin play, and keeps you posted with updates to your "progress". without this highly creative plot, these maps would still be an excellent adventure, but the added drama of the story takes it up a notch and keeps you interested about what is going to happen next. and, surprisingly enough, the voice acting in these maps is of a very high quality. something you wouldn't normally expect in an amateur effort.

the action takes place within four distinct realms, as well as a fifth hub-style map. each realm has its own elemental personality that is a very cool creative take on standard spq2 level design. the wood realm in particular offers some really unique combat in the tree tops. the opening map (the metal realm) sets the bar for the challenge, and the bar is raised quite high. these maps require some strategic thinking if you are going to finish them. a run-n-gun style of play will make you into a corpse in no time flat. fortunately, there are often "tricky" ways to pick off some of the strogg before you reach them in head-to-head combat that is presented in arenas that put you at a severe disadvantge. luckily, these maps manage to present this high level of challenge without becoming too frustrating, that is if you take the time to closely examine your surroundings, and plan accordingly.

another cool element of these maps are the secrets. it is pretty much necessary that you find them all, as health and items are somewhat sparse. health, ammo, and inventory items are placed with extreme care throughout these maps, and the only complaint i can dredge up in that area is that i never got a power shield, which would have been a welcome addition to my inventory. the secrets are cleverly hidden, but not so hard to find that you'll become frustrated as you search for them.

while there is really nothing to complain about in this map set, there is also nothing included that is so fundamentally amazing it pushes it over the top. what we have here is a very well designed, extremely fun, and highly ineresting and entertaining spq2 adventure. i highly recommend you play these maps. thank you, chris, for designing these levels for us!