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AUTHOR: Roger Ritenour

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Transfer Station is a 'preview' of an upcoming Unit. Though personally I'd rather just wait for the whole Unit, I'll review this map as a stand-alone anyway. The first thing this map makes you notice it's is very un-Quake look. New textures (including some borrowed from Doom) make this level look a lot like what I imagine glDoom will look like. The new sky maps are particularly notable. The architecture throughout is somewhat blocky and simple, however the layout makes up for it as there is much exploring to be done, and you get a good feel for the gameplay area. Your objective is to remove the Strogg from an outpost they have established, and are using to raise livestock. The mission begins rather easily, action is slow paced, and none too challenging, and the focus is on exploration and atmosphere. Ordinarily such a slow pace may have bored me - but the new textures gave a 'new experience' feel to the map, and some nicely crafted secrets made for good exploration value. Midway through, there is a brutal battle that was very challenging, and a bit too chaotic for my tastes. This battle serves as highlight of the map, as you complete an objective and face the highest challenge the level offers. After you finish the area, you are made to retrace your steps back to the beginning of the map, and here was my biggest problem. On the way back there are many new items to gather. Health, ammo, weapons - all lying around in areas that you previously cleared out. Are the Strogg that generous? It really broke up the gameplay for me, and seemed very illogical. Other complaints include: health that generally appeared as adrenaline, or +25 packs (it seems more fun to gather health than to get it all in one big dose), and an uneven feel to the flow of the gameplay. To wrap up - this level is fun, and will provide a nice Q2 experience, but it needs some work. I'm looking forward the the full Unit.