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AUTHOR: Carson Utz (Riscchip)

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


It's been a long while since What The End Is For was released, but it's good to see that Carson's skills have not atrophied in that time. The Widening Gyre is a visual feast for those of us who enjoy a stylish map with an eye for symmetry and flair. Colored lighting is deftly applied to the already gorgeous architecture to add a certain flash that is sure to have you admiring skills that are normally not found outside of commercial products. My favorite touch has to be the well lit spiral staircase (see screenshot). Worthy of note is not only the aesthetic appeal of the applied colored lighting, but the fact that different sections of the map follow colored themes. Given the amazing size of the level, it's a pleasure to have the luxury of remembering colors, and not the entire layout. I found myself thinking along the lines of "OK, the green area is where this is located, and the red area is where that is located. Speaking of size - look out! This map is enormous. It is easily as large as two or three average sized maps - and coupled with the great layout it's easy to get lost. Within all of this massive and beautiful craftsmanship takes place a brand of Quake2 action that is sure to satisfy any craving, and please any player, no matter how skilled. Great, and often surprising Strogg placements make for a high challenge even on skill 2, and the action is ferocious, adreniline inducing, and plenty of fun. One of the more clever uses was the two Gladiators on the rooftop. I spent 15 minutes trying to find a way up to their level so I could use my patented machine-gun approach on them, but was surprised to find that access to their location was not possible, and the battle was designed to occur as I first approaced it. A novel and entertaining way to make war on Gladiators, which was a lot more fun than if I'd found them on level ground. On the down side of this level, the only complaints I could dredge up are the high system requirements (you'll need a P166, 32 meg, and a 3d card to play it smooth), and the lack of a graspable story. No points deducted though, since Carson admits to both problems in the text file. The story problem is due to the fact that this was intended to be the second level of a Unit. Pity to us that the Unit will likely never be released now that Mr. Chip has been hired by Broderbund to work on Prince of Persia 3D. Congrats Carson - best of luck to you... and also - bonus points for naming the level after, and quoting from the work of Yeats. Bottom line: this is a great map - don't pass it by.