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AUTHOR: Stuart (Vovin) Presley

Download it here: download map file



Stuart has constructed the best SP Unreal map to date. The action element of gameplay has a wonderfully smooth flow, which is the equal of any professional effort. Aliens are placed very well, and health, weapons, and ammo distribution compliment the action quite well. The lay-out is very well done, making excellent use of the space within the Shrine, and contains enough variety to be interesting, yet holds a theme well enough to be believeable. Challenge is good, and is aided by the items within the rooms which restrict your movement, such as benches and bookshelves. The story is developed sequentially, and is reasonable, yet lacks any real mystery or drama. Textures were chosen very well, and provide a very sturdy yet stylish looking interior. This map is very tight. There is no waste of space, items, or brushes. The map even displays some extras as you will see the first user-created use of scripted events, and several doors opened with triggers. Another very nice touch was the way that health could be gained by defeating enemies, giving the player a feeling of having earned the health. Stuart obviously has talent, and though this effort is lacking in some ways, it shows strong signs creativity, technical ability, and the know-how to construct an enjoyable map. I really couldn't find any real faults in the map, so I'll use my 'complaints' portion of this summary to offer my thoughts on what is needed for this map to really push the Unreal envelope. The map is very minimalistic, as are most all SP Unreal maps. I look forward to more ambition, creativity, and an in-depth story that develops as the game progresses. Also, more creativity as to locales and room decoration. Most maps are taking place in simple structures with rooms containing tables, chairs, shelves, and so on - and maybe some outdoor elements as well. I'd like to see a bit more variety and use of futuristic or technical settings. I look forward to better use of things like destructable architecture, lighting and other special effects, and secret areas... how about those Nali revealing hidden areas? More complexity in lay-out, and location. How about a level inside a ship, or a factory, or some sort of structure with a purpose and theme? Well, I suppose it's still early in the life of user-created SP Unreal maps, but a guy can hope, can't he? Back to Lower Shrine... this is the best Sp Unreal map currently available, and I highly recommend it. It's very well done, and a good omen for things to come.